Instagram Growth & Strategy • November 28, 2023
Instagram Growth & Strategy

November 28, 2023

Instagram Update: Video-first Feed

instagram reels for realtors
instagram reels for realtors

Instagram Update: Video-first Feed

Have you noticed changes to the look of your Instagram feed?

A new Instagram update is being tested across a select group of Instagram accounts – here’s what to expect:

“Instagram is testing a new full-screen Home feed with more suggested video content. Much like on TikTok, posts in the main feed will take up the entirety of the screen, and users will need to perform a swipe up motion to skip to the next post.”

In addition to this update, users will see more suggested content into their home feed, specifically suggested Reels.

So, what does this mean for the future of Instagram?

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has hinted at these changes for several months.

The bottom line: video is moving to the forefront of the app and is the single best way to reach new audiences and connect with existing followers.

Static posts will still be available from your following and favorites list underneath dedicated drop down tabs (see image), however, we’ll see less images in the default home feed.

Tip: to access static posts from your following and favorites list, click on the Instagram logo on your home feed and a dropdown will appear.

Does this mean you’ll need to sing and dance for Reels?

Luckily, no. The great news is there are so many ways to incorporate Reels into your real estate marketing strategy (we’ll cover more of this later).

What about Instagram Stories? Mosseri also alluded to bringing instagram Stories into your home feed scroll, much like TikTok. Tip: While Instagram Reels are great for boosting engagement and reaching new audiences, Stories are best for connecting with and nurturing your existing audience.

So, what does this mean for your Instagram marketing strategy?

If you haven’t started using Reels yet, it’s not too late! Let’s start off with a few helpful resources to help get you started, or build upon, using video in your marketing strategy.

How to film an Instagram Reel

This video is a beginner-friendly, step-by-step lesson for creating your first Reel. In this video, Euan Murphy from walks you through the Reels interface and covers everything from adding a voiceover, captions & audio, to adjusting speed & length, all the way through publishing your Reel.

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trending reel photo templates

Get started using Instagram’s Reel Templates

Instagram released a Reels feature, dubbed “Reels Templates”, which allows users to replace clips and images in a trending Reel with their own video and images – all while matching the time stamps of the template’s Reel with no work on your end.

This is BIG news and means you can say goodbye to manually cropping or trimming the duration of your clips to sync to the audio track. Talk about a time saver! Simply upload your own photos or videos into the template and you’re on your way!

Read more about Reel Templates here.

Use Coffee & Contracts Templates

As a Coffee & Contracts Member, you have access to a vault of Reel ideas and caption templates to use as scripts for your next Reel. Within the Content Vault, search by topic and record yourself sharing helpful, relatable, or entertaining content about Real Estate using our ideas, scripts and captions. Pair your recording with a trending audio clip for some ambiant background sound. Hit publish!

Keep in mind: People want to be entertained, informed, inspired, and feel connected to you when they watch your Reels!

Browse through Instagram’s Discover Page

Head to the Discover page within the Instagram app for an endless supply of clever Reels. Scroll through for inspiration and click “Save Audio” when you find something you like.

Keep your eyes peeled for an arrow icon in the bottom left corner of each Reel. The icon signifies that the audio is currently trending and your video will be more likely discovered if you recreate the Reel and use that audio.

Also, keep an eye out for voice overs that you can relate to real estate or listen for songs that might suit a collection of images or video that relate to your real estate endeavors or life as a local in your city.

Final Takeaways

  • With this Instagram update, video is taking a front seat; rewarding Reels users with more exposure & engagement on the platform
  • It’s not too late to get started creating Reels of your own
  • Keep it casual! Don’t overthink or over-produce your Reels – an elaborate film set is not necessary, nor encouraged. 
  • Have fun! Your audience is seeking entertainment, information, inspiration, and the opportunity to connect with the real person behind the account (you!). Show your personality.

There you have it – The Instagram update on a video-first feed. Have questions about Reels on Instagram? We’re here to help! Send us a message on Instagram or at our support email. We’d love to chat!

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