Branding & Niche • November 29, 2023
Branding & Niche

November 29, 2023

How to Write Your Brand Bio

First, what is a brand bio?

A brand bio is an elevator pitch that concisely conveys who you are and what you provide to your clients. Think of it as  2-3 sentences to grab your listener’s attention and have them thinking of you when they need your services. Are you ready to dive in? Keep scrolling for these step-by-step instructions on how to write your brand bio.

Next, where do you use a brand bio?

  • In your Instagram bio & Facebook about section
  • On your website
  • In your email signature
  • In the about section of a listing presentation
  • At the end of a listing description
  • With the organizers of an event, interview or speaking engagement

Now, let’s look at Coffee & Contracts’ brand bio

We provide: Real estate marketing tips, trainings & templates

To who: Real estate agents

So that they can…

What they will achieve: Turn their followers into clients

Check out a few ways these companies use a brand bio to convey their offering to potential clients.

Now, let’s write yours…

I provide: Include your services

To who: Your ideal client

So they can…

What they will achieve: Include the results

Now that we’ve established how to write a brand bio, are you ready to take it a step further? Follow along in the C&C Strategy Course to take a personal branding deep dive. In the C&C Strategy Course we cover everything from optimizing your Instagram profile, setting up a landing page and email automations to nurture your leads, creating lead-attracting content, and so much more.

The C&C Strategy Course is available to all members, join us!

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