Protected • December 15, 2023

December 15, 2023

How to Use the Coffee & Contracts Branding Kits


• If you do not have Canva Pro ($12.95/mo) you will not be able to save your logos with a transparent background. You may want to consider doing the free 30-day trial and saving all the logos you will ever need with a transparent background. However, you do not NEED to have Canva pro to get some use out of these logos! You can save it with any color background. Our branding kits are built for the free version but that could change the moment you want to customize.

• There are two options for sizes – small or large (If you have Pro you can resize templates, but not with Free) Small is good for when you’re making the logo very small, typically if you’re shrinking it down to add to the bottom of guides or graphics Large is for when the logo is the prominent detail, like a Facebook Cover photo or if you’re just printing the logo for something.

• Please note we are working on providing logos with a transparent background, we just need to find a program we can use to do this with first! But for now – here we are!

Please watch this tutorial video for an explanation of these because they are a bit different.

Questions? Comment below!

Here’s a Video of the walkthrough for Branding Kits

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