Instagram Stories • May 20, 2024
Instagram Stories

May 20, 2024

How to show up on social media when you don’t have much to say


“I just don’t feel like I have much to say”

This is a phrase I often hear from other agents and honestly catch myself feeling too.

When I’m having thoughts like this, I go back to these reminders:

  1. Being present on social media is less about me and more about being a source of knowledge and value to my community.
  2. Social media provides me with a free way to connect with others, build relationships, and grow my business – and that is so cool.

A few notes on providing value and building trust in your content

  • Sharing valuable information is best conveyed through storytelling our own experiences.
  • Trust is built when we show our competence AND remain human! Being real and imperfect are qualities that make us relatable.
  • Showing our face, our eyes in particular, is the most immediate way to build connection with others (🫡 psychology).
  • Humans are curious creatures. We love to see the behind the scenes of other people’s lives.

Now, let’s look at some ideas…

20 low-lift ideas to build provide value and build trust on social media

My favorite place to build trust and share value with the Coffee & Contracts community is on Instagram Stories. To me, it is the perfect place for letting our community peer behind the curtain of our business and share value in a more casual way.

Today, I challenge you to hop on Instagram Stories and show us 1 thing from the list below…

  1. Your process for doing something. (Working on a closing gift, CMA, writing up an offer).
  2. A screenshot from a happy client.
  3. A high and a low from last week.
  4. An ongoing project you’re working on. (Record yourself giving a quick update or run down).
  5. Add a question sticker: “If I could live anywhere in City Name it would be…”
  6. A hot take or your professional opinion about something in real estate.
  7. A question you often hear from clients / prospects.
  8. A real estate win you have witnessed that others can experience too.
  9. An observation you made that would be helpful for others to know.
  10. A mistake you’ve seen that can be avoided.
  11. Your to-do list this week.
  12. Something you’re really into right now. (Playing beach volleyball, a great book, a pair of sweatpants).
  13. An “Ask me anything” using Instagram Stories’ question sticker.
  14. A lesson you learned in the last month.
  15. Something you’re doing for fun.
  16. Your morning beverage of choice.
  17. Something positive you heard or read.
  18. Your best productivity hack. Add a question sticker and ask your audience to share theirs.
  19. Your favorite lunch in City. Add a question sticker and ask your audience to share their favorite.
  20. A transformation or a then vs. now. (A before and after of a staged listing, landscaping, or paint job).

Building trust happens in real moments. Put the focus on sharing your candid self and consistently providing value to your community. The business will flow from there.

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