Branding & Niche • November 29, 2023
Branding & Niche

November 29, 2023

How to Schedule A Real Estate Branding Photoshoot

How to schedule a real estate branding photoshoot

Lights, Camera, Action: Branding Photo Shoot!

You’ve thought about it, dreamed about it, talked to friends and family about it. You feel like you’re finally ready to take the next step in building your real estate brand. The decision is made: It’s time to schedule your real estate branding photoshoot! Okay, what happens next? Come along with us as we chat through everything you need to know about how to schedule a real estate branding photoshoot.

01 Find the Photographer

Finding a photographer that will help you portray your personality and brand aspirations is an essential part of setting up your real estate brand for success.

On Instagram, use the search feature to type in some of the below phrases:

  • YourCityBrandPhotographer
  • YourCityBrandingPhotographer
  • YourCityRealtorPhotography
  • YourCityLifestylePhotographer
  • YourCityLifestylePhotography
  • YourCityPhotographer

Toggle to the “Tags” tab and browse all the photos that use these tags. Select the photos that you jive with which will lead you to that photographer’s Instagram account. Reach out to the photographer and to check for rates and availability.

02  Choose the Location

You found the photographer, you scheduled your shoot. Now where exactly should you take these photos?

  • A nice listing – don’t have one currently? Ask other agents in your office
  • An Airbnb or Home Studio List – styled homes perfect for photoshoots
  • A popular destination in your city – a bustling downtown area, local park, or street with murals
  • A local coffee shop, restaurant or coworking space
  • Your home, or a friend’s home
  • A photo studio

Coffee & Contracts Members, check out more location ideas in the Coffee & Contracts Branding Photo Guide.

03 Use a Pose & Prop Checklist

Below are a few of our favorite poses and props:

  • Holding out a key at a front door
  • Organizing a closing gift basket
  • Leaning up against a kitchen counter
  • Popping champagne or throwing confetti
  • On your laptop at a kitchen counter
  • Arranging a moodboard or looking over architectural plans
  • Standing in a listing with a clipboard
  • Putting your open house sign in the yard

Coffee & Contracts Members, refer to the Coffee & Contracts Branding Photo Guide for this quarter, which outlines pose ideas and props that directly correspond with our content templates and upcoming holidays.

Did this answer your question: How to schedule a real estate branding photoshoot? Let us know what other questions you have in the comments below!

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