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January 11, 2022

How to Record Reels from our Trending Reel Ideas

As we all know, trends come and go on Instagram. As a real estate agent, we know you don't have time to sit on Instagram and find the newest Reel trends to jump on. To help you stay up-to-date and create fresh, engaging content we provide our members with at least 4 new trending reel ideas each month. Now, lets jump into how to record Reels from our trending Reel ideas section.

  1. Open the Coffee & Contracts Reels & Video Scripts page on your mobile device.

  2. Click on the Reel you want to create. See the image below for descriptions of the content you'll see on our Reel templates.

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3. Once you are ready to record your Reel, click "Open" to open the audio page in Instagram. On this page, you will see all of the other Reels created using this trending audio. Tip: watch a few to see examples of how other people are using the Reel trend. Most of the trending Reel audios we share are a trend where you lip sync the words, and then add text about what the Reel audio would prompt someone to say.

4. Click "Use Audio" to record your reel. Record yourself lip syncing the words.

5. Once done, click "Preview" if prompted. If not, skip to the next step.

6. Click the "Aa" icon on the top right to add your text. This is where you will add the text that would make you say what you are lip syncing about. Feel free to use our idea or come up with your own.

7. Once done, click "Next"

8. Now, you can change your cover photo by clicking "Cover". You can slide the rectangle to a moment of the video that you like, or you can click "Add from Camera Roll" to add your own cover image. Click "Done" when you are finished. To crop the image to fit into a square on your profile, click "Crop Profile Image". Tip - Keep your text in the center of the Reel to avoid cropping.

9. Add your caption, location, and tags -- you're ready to post your Reel!

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