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June 9, 2021

How to get the Most out of the Facebook Group

How to get the Most out of the Facebook Group
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About the C&C Facebook Community

When I launched Coffee & Contracts, I wasn’t sure if I should have a members-only Facebook group, or if I should open it up to everyone.

I am so happy I went with the members-only option!

Our online community has become one of the most beneficial parts of our membership. 🎉

It truly is a judgement-free zone to ask questions about all things real estate and marketing, exchange referrals, and brainstorm with like-minded agents.

To every one of you in the C&C community — we are so grateful for you! Here are a few tips for making the most out of your access to the Facebook Group.

Get involved.

Whether it's a Zoom meet-up or contributing to a question, make an effort to get involved. Keep in mind that agent referrals are leads too. Getting involved in the Facebook Group not only helps to grow your business through referrals, but it will also help you to gain knowledge and insights from other like-minded agents around the world.

Search before you ask.

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The question you're about to ask may have already been answered. Use the search button at the top of the group and search for keywords involving your question. If you have follow up questions, comment on the post you find.

Ask engaging, open ended questions.

Rather than asking closed ended questions, try asking open ended questions that will invoke thought and result in a thoughtful answer.

Examples of closed ended questions:

  • What CRM do you use?

  • What closing gift do you give clients?

  • What do you use to send postcards?

Examples of open ended questions:

  • I've been using [Name] CRM, and I don't find it very user friendly. Has anyone else used this CRM and made a switch? Does anyone use a CRM that they find very user-friendly? I'm looking for something that is very simple.

  • In the past, I've given my clients a Ring doorbell as a closing gift. My newest client already has one! What's a great closing gift for the client who seems to have everything?

  • I'm looking to send out my first batch of "Just Sold" postcards! Has anyone found success with sending out this type of postcard? I'd love to hear any tips and insights you could share, including what company you used (if you used one)!

Haley Ingram

Haley Ingram

Founder of Coffee & Contracts

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