Branding & Niche • November 29, 2023
Branding & Niche

November 29, 2023

How to Establish Your Brand’s Color Palette

Brand Color Palette

Why is creating a color palette for your brand important?

  • Establishes your brand identity
  • Builds trust, recognition and credibility
  • Creates consistency across your marketing materials

Before choosing a color palette, first let’s consider the psychology of color.

What Colors and Meanings Resonate with you?

Red – Power, energizing, strength, friendliness, affection

Orange – Comfort, motivation, positivity, enthusiasm, freedom

Yellow – Joy, cheerfulness, optimism, confidence, inspiration

Greens – Abundance, balance, harmony, growth, peace

Blues – Dependability, reliability, responsibility, trust, calm

Purples – Luxury, loyalty, courage, mystery, magic

Brown – Structure, grounded, security, protection, rooted

Black – Sophistication, seriousness, control, independence, strength

White – Complete, cleanliness, purity, ideation, peace

Choose your favorite color from the above. This will be your main color.

Once you’ve chosen your main color, let’s create a Palette

Navigate to the website: and drag your mouse around to select your main color. Select Generate & browse through various palettes. Choose your favorite and jot down the color HEX codes of  your new palette.

Now, let’s add your Palette to your Brand Kit in Canva (Canva Pro users)

Navigate to the home page of your Canva account. Under Tools, select Brand Kit. Add your new color palette HEX code information here.

To save your Palette (Non-Canva Pro users)

Save your new color palette HEX codes on a notepad for quick access.

Or, within a Canva design page, navigate to Styles on the left vertical toolbar and choose from Canva’s pre-set color palette templates. 

What’s next?

Members, take a personal branding deep dive with the C&C Strategy Course – Available in your member dashboard.

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