Instagram Growth & Strategy • November 29, 2023
Instagram Growth & Strategy

November 29, 2023

Holiday Marketing Ideas for Realtors


Holiday Marketing Ideas for Realtors

End-of-the-year holidays present a unique opportunity to connect with your online audience and local community, both of which can help you find your next real estate clients. Need some ideas for bringing holiday cheer to your marketing strategy? Try one (or all!) of these holiday marketing ideas perfect for realtors all over the country.

Publish a Home Winterizing Checklist

Winter brings cooler temperatures and maybe a little snow (or a lot). Take advantage of the seasonal changes to inform your audience of how they can prepare their homes, both inside and out, for winter. Write up a home winterizing checklist with steps specific to your area. If you and your audience are in the northern part of the country, your checklist might include investing in a snowblower or stocking up on shovels and ice salt.

When your checklist is published, make it easily accessible from your website’s homepage, post the article on your Facebook and LinkedIn, and include it in your newsletter. You can even make a graphic of the checklist to share on Instagram or a series of short videos for TikTok.

Share Holiday Decorating Guides

Curate a collection of holiday decorating ideas, and share them with your audience. And there are so many ways you can do this, including:

  • Writing a blog post.
  • Featuring the best ideas you find from publications like Better Homes and Gardens, HGTV Magazine, and more on TikTok or Instagram.
  • Creating a Pinterest board of your favorite ideas.
  • Showing off photos of your holiday decor or that of your clients on Facebook or Instagram. 

Hold a Holiday House Decor Contest on Social Media

Social media contests get people to interact with your content. Ask your followers to post their holiday house decor photos on social media under a custom tag. Then, pick the winner who gets the cool prize. You may need to purchase the prize, or you could partner with a local restaurant, shop, home restoration business, or other business to provide one.

Host a Charity Drive

Give back this holiday season, and ask your community to help. You can partner with a local food bank, homeless shelter, Toys for Tots, or other charity organization to hold a food drive, toy collection, or coat collection. You can use your office as the drop-off location and meet your followers in person to thank them for contributing and wish them happy holidays.

Send Holiday Cards  

You can send holiday cards, either via traditional mail or email, to everyone on your contact list. This is a great way to reconnect with those you haven’t spoken to in a while and reignite a relationship that could lead you to new clients. Consider sending a card that features a photo of your whole team or your family to make it more personal. 

Don’t just end the year with fantastic marketing strategies; transform your online marketing approach through 2022. Join the Coffee & Contracts Community today to get a tried-and-true marketing toolkit and take your marketing to the next level.

Use these Instagram Caption Ideas

Just Sold
Ho Ho Holy Smokes! This home is SOLD! [Include story about the sale].

Just Closed
House keys ring, are you listening? In the lane, the homes are glistening… A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, CLOSING in a winter wonderland.

Season of Giving
‘Tis the season of giving and holiday cheer. [City name] wouldn’t be the same without the amazing work of our local charitable organizations. Feature who you are excited to support this year and a few ways to can get involved…

Gingerbread House Pop-by
Share a photo of the pop-by and include the CTA – “Want to get your hands on one? Send me your address and I will drop it by!” Tip: Set some parameters – i.e. “within the 32600 zip code”

Use these Instagram Post and Stories Ideas

12 Days of [City Name]
Feature 12 neighborhoods or 12 things you love about your city.

Gift Guide for a Home Seller
Share 3-5 gifts that a home seller might appreciate this holiday season. A cleaning service, restaurant gift cards, a doormat to welcome potential buyers.

Local Holiday Event Guide
Share the holiday happenings in your area. Check around on local business Instagram pages to gather your list of events.

Transform your home into a Winter Wonderland
Share a few tips & tricks to spruce up your home this Holiday season. Accent pillows, mini wreaths on windows, a bar cart with holiday beverages.

Christmas Eve fun-at-home Ideas
Share some of your favorite ways to enjoy Christmas Eve at home. For example, track Santa’s journey, start a gingerbread house competition, make a hot cocoa bar, go for a stroll to see the lights.

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