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July 28, 2023

Using Social Media with Confidence

Using Social Media with Confidence

The #1 Reason why agents aren't using social media...

What do you think it is? Not enough time, don't know what to post, feel overwhelmed with the trends? Nope. The number one reason agents aren't using social media is the fear of being cringe. Yes, we've all been there. The awkward, uncomfortable feeling of putting ourselves out there for the world to see... But we're here to put an end to this fear. Today, we're covering the foundations for using social media with confidence.

Here's the thing

It's 2023. Gone are the days of buying ad space or plastering your face on billboards and benches.

Today, people's attention is glued to their phones. The digital world is the new frontier for marketing, and if you want to be a successful business owner, it's time to understand and leverage this shift.

The first step to getting over the fear of cringe? Just get started even if it feels uncomfortable.

Let's create strong foundations for using social media with confidence.

Step One: Lay the Groundwork

The first step to standing out in the crowded social media landscape is understanding your audience.

Know your ideal client, their pain points, and how your services can provide solutions. When you share a post ask yourself: would this be valuable, funny, relatable or helpful to my ideal client?

Next, consider investing in a professional for branding photography and videography. Plan for a branding photo or video shoot. As a Coffee & Contracts member, you have access to our quarterly branding photo guide to help you get your ducks in a row before and during your shoot day.

Step Two: Create a Smart Content Strategy

Diversify and repurpose your content. A well-shot long-form video can be sliced and diced into Reels, TikToks, or YouTube Shorts.

Not only does it save time, but it also maintains content consistency across different platforms.

Check out the Coffee & Contracts Vault for thousands of templates and captions to choose from. Tip: ask ChatGPT to repurpose our captions to make them unique to your brand voice

Step Three: Outsource and Delegate

Some of us could spend hours designing in Canva and building a community on Instagram, others would rather stick to showing houses. If you're the latter, consider hiring a Virtual Assistant or Social Media Manager to help you with your marketing, content creation, content scheduling, copywriting, etc.

Join Coffee & Contracts for just $54/month for access to thousands of templates and group coaching in the Facebook Group.

Step Four: Focus on Quality > Quantity

The algorithm isn't really all that complicated, and it's essentially the same for every platform:

Your main goal should be to keep people on your posts longer. So create your content with your ideal client and target audience at the top of your mind. Answer their questions, help them overcome obstacles. Create an Instagram account they want to spend time on.

Step Five: Create an Enticing Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are like your digital bait. They're valuable, free resources that attract potential clients and incentivize them to share their email address with you. A lead magnet could be an eBooks, cheat sheet, guide or checklists about the local real estate market or homeownership tips. The goal is to offer so much value that people are more than happy to exchange their email address to get access to it.

Coffee & Contracts has tons of guides, checklist and resources you can use as your lead magnet.

Step Six: Master Email Marketing

Once you have a lead's email, it's your opportunity to stay top of mind through regular, valuable email communication. Deliver the promised lead magnet and continue providing value-packed content regularly - whether it's market updates, insider tips, or your latest listings. Use email marketing platforms to automate this process.

Remember: with emails, you're in their inbox, which is a much more personal space than a social media feed. So, keep your emails conversational, helpful, and don't be afraid to let your personality shine through.

So there you have it! The foundations for using social media with confidence. Have questions about this topic or other real estate marketing topics? Leave a comment or send us a message, our team is here to help.

Claudia Bell

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