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January 13, 2022

Establish a Personal Brand as a Real Estate Agent

Establish a Personal Brand as a Real Estate Agent
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Why is it important to establish a personal brand?

A wise man once said: “A brand is simply what people think about when they think of you.” – Rory Vaden. Here are some additional reasons why it is crucial to  establish a personal brand as a real estate agent:

  • You already have a brand.

  • Your brand is what sets you a part from other agents.

  • It leaves a memorable impression.

  • Having a strong brand comes across as professional, modern, and consistent.

  • It takes the guess work out of your content creation.

Let’s jump into the five most important steps of how to establish a personal brand as a Real Estate Agent, shall we?

Steps to Establishing a Personal Brand as a Realtor

Step One: Establish your core values

For successful brands, it’s not just about having strong values. It’s about integrating those values into every aspect of their business: team, message, sales, marketing, and services.

Step Two: Determine your Niche(s)

A niche allows for you to easily build trust with potential clients. For example, if your niche is waterfront properties then owners or buyers of waterfront homes are more likely to trust your expertise and judgment over an agent without that niche.

Members, find a core value sheet, niche ideas and more in the branding workbook in your Coffee & Contracts membership.

Step Three: Write your Brand Story & Bio

A brand story is a simple explanation of what you offer, who benefits from it, and why. It’s designed to explain the ‘why’ behind what you do. It’s a way to capture attention, build trust, and answer the questions people always ask about your business.

Step Four: Create a Brand Kit

A brand kit helps you create a consistent look and feel for your business across all marketing communications. It includes your logos, color palette, and typography.

Step Five: Pull it all together with your Content Strategy

The last step is to create a consistent marketing strategy so you can implement your branding, connect with your ideal customers, and grow your business online.

Members, we show you how to do this and give you the power tools to get it done – all included in your C&C membership!

Claudia Bell

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