Protected • August 31, 2020

August 31, 2020

Coffee & Conversations: Kasie and Jamie’s Top 10 Instagram Tips


Missed out on Kasie and Jamie’s Live in the Facebook Group? Don’t worry! You can still watch it here, or check out these cliff notes.

  1. Have a consistent feed 

Your feed is the layout of your instagram, when someone views your profile. 

Kasie does a photo of her, “something white” (a text photo), a photo of a house. Check out some different types of feeds on pinterest. Choose your branding colors, edit the CC content to fit your brand/colors. Add in branding photos to go with the content calendar. 

  1. Use an app like Plann or Preview to arrange your feed. 

When using these apps they allow you to play with your feed to make sure the look is cohesive. 

Get the plan app for IOS here 

And then use the Creator Studio to schedule the images. 

  1. Add your face to your feed! 

Add branded photos to your feed, self timer, photos with clients, family photos and more! People want to see you! The photos with us get the best engagement! We use Lightroom mobile to make our photos cohesive and fit into our feed! 

Light and Airy Presets – Here

Create your own preset – Here

VSCO – Here

Tripod / ring light (jamies) – Here

Kasies phone squiggly thingy – Here

  1. Stories! The best free, easy way to get higher engagement on your ig! 

Show everything you’re doing, getting coffee, at an inspection, getting lunch, visiting a local store, hanging with your kids, hop on if you have something happen during the day and explain what’s going on in your business! 

HGTV is a thing because people care about what you are doing! Be yourself, you look the same way on instagram as you do in real life, you sound the same you do in real life. The more authentic and genuine you are the more engagement and connection you will receive. 

Your vibe attracts your tribe. The best way to reach your ideal client is by showing up in stories. Stories give your instagram profile a personality. It shows who you are and people will feel like they already know you, like you and trust you!

  • Choose a consistent font/color
  • Tag people so they have the opportunity to post to their story
  • Add hashtags (move them off the screen so not visible) 
  • Add gifs! 
  • Add filters to keep consistent 
  • Choose to auto add to fb stories
  • Add music to keep things fun 
  1. Highlights! Save your highlights from your stories so people can see what type of content you post. 

Highlights are the perfect way to show off your business throughout the week! This allows potential new clients to get a feel for your personality and it will attract your ideal clients! 

Use the Coffee and Contract highlight covers. 

Hold down on a highlight – edit highlight – upload new cover photo – go to stories to add multiple stories to your highlights at once 

Jamie’s highlights 

  • #realtorlife
  • Around town
  • Client reviews
  • Home buyers
  • Home staging
  • About me
  • Meet jamie
  • New builds
  • Active listings 
  • Free guides

Kasie’s Highlights 

  • Room of the day 
  • Rent v buy 
  • First time buyer 
  • Client life
  • Sponsored pets
  • Local 
  • Events
  • Volunteer 
  • Bts
  • About me
  1. Follow and engage with locals! 

Do not mass follow, do not follow someone you can’t relate to. 

Follow people you’d want to be friends with, people you want to engage with. Send them a genuine hello message, and continue to connect with them. Find hyperlocal hashtags and follow them, check out who follows your favorite restaurant. 

  1. Use Hashtags! 

Use hashtags that are under 100K posts, use local hashtags, mix up the hashtags you use for each post, add a hashtag to your bio. Find hashtags that you have the ability to end up on the ‘top 9’ of the Top section of the specific hashtag. 

Follow hashtags to engage with the other local posters! 

Micro hashtags >1,000 posts – medium hashtags > 50,000 posts – mega hashtags <100,000 posts use a couple from each! 

  1. Look for quality followers over quantity. 

Use the Follower app to view but unfollow on instagram. Instagram also shows you who you engage with least. Worry first about content and engagement before worrying about your follower count! 

  1. Use line break to break up your caption. help stop the scroll! 

  1. Follow people who inspire you! 

Follow agents who use CC and get inspiration from how they are implementing the materials! 

If you have questions start with Google, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok to learn how to use IG to the best of your ability! 

Jamie’s Socials 

Facebook Page –

Instagram –

Kasie’s Socials

Facebook page –

Instagram –

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