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November 29, 2023

Branding Photos for Real Estate Agents

branding photos for real estate agents

An Introduction to Personal Branding Photos for Real Estate Agents

Today we’re talking about all things personal branding photos – What they are and why they are so important to growing your real estate business. Come along with us as we take a deep dive into branding photos for real estate agents

What are personal branding photos?

Personal branding photos are professional images of you that display your brand and personality. Use these photos in your marketing materials (print & digital) to see your business and credibility grow.

Researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs reviewed 1.1 million photos on Instagram and concluded that pictures with human faces were 38% more likely to receive likes than photos with no faces. They are also 32% more likely to attract comments.

The Benefits of Personal Branding Photography

Don’t just take our word for it; let’s hear from personal branding photographer, Kimberly Romano, on the benefits of personal branding photos for real estate agents.

“If you’re a real estate agent, you know how important it is for you to stand out. And in this digital marketing world, it’s vital for you to stay consistent and top of mind to your sphere of influence. Unfortunately, many agents make the mistake of either not showing up at all, or worse, only showcasing homes and images of their clients in front of their new home with a custom sold sign (sound familiar?).

Let’s get more specific…

  • Helps you stand out from the crowd
  • Establishes credibility, professionalism and trust
  • Sharing your personality helps you make connections & build relationships
  • Helps you become a familiar face & display a consistent look 
  • Builds more confidence
  • Saves time
  • Builds brand recognition
  • Creates opportunity to be featured or interviewed on more blogs and websites

All of which you need to scale your business. Having personal brand photos is the tool you need to save time and create consistency everywhere you market yourself.”

Images to Request from Your Photographer

  • Updated, Modern Headshots
  • Connection Images – Like a headshot but with props, fun poses, and showcasing your personality
  • Horizontal & Vertical Images
  • Full Length & 3/4 – from mid-thigh and up
  • Personality – Think facial expressions, props, hobbies, etc.
  • Empty Space – leave blank space in the frame so you can add text to your image later

Image suggestions provided by Kimberly Romano, Tampa branding photographer

Where to use your Personal Branding Photos

One of the best things about personal branding photos for real estate agents is that there is NO. SHORTAGE. of places to use your images. In fact, the more you utilize your branding photos, the more cohesive and professional your brand will look. 

  • Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.
  • Website
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters and landing pages
  • Email Signature
  • Print Marketing material like business cards, checklists, pamphlets and posters
  • Presentations
  • Speaking engagements, events and panels
branding photos for real estate agents

Why Take Personal Branding Photos Quarterly

At Coffee & Contracts, we recommend scheduling personal branding photos for real estate agents quarterly using our Quarterly Branding Photo Guide. Think of this guide as a personal assistant to help you prepare for a successful photo shoot. The guide is filled with poses and prop ideas, upcoming holidays, and location ideas for your shoot day.

Why should you schedule photo shoots quarterly? Taking images quarterly allows you to batch your photos for the upcoming quarter all in one sitting.

C&C Members: Find this quarter’s photo guide in the branding section of your member dashboard.

branding photos for real estate agents

How to Find a Personal Branding Photographer

You’re convinced it’s time to get a quarterly photo shoot on the calendar. Now, let’s talk about finding a photographer to hire in your area. Finding a photographer that fits your personality and brand aspirations is an essential part of setting up your real estate brand for success.

On Instagram, navigate to the “Tags” tab and search phrases like…

  • YourCityBrandPhotographer
  • YourCityBrandingPhotographer
  • YourCityRealtorPhotography
  • YourCityLifestylePhotographer
  • YourCityPhotographer

Browse the photos that use these tags. See images that you like the style of? Click on the account and reach out to the photographer to check on pricing and availability.

What to Look for in a Personal Branding Photographer

Let’s see what personal branding photographer, Kimberly Romano, had to say…

“When it comes to choosing the right photographer, make sure they check these boxes:

  • Specializes in brand photography
  • Style of photography – including how they edit 
  • They help you plan and prepare for your shoot
  • They will guide and direct you during the shoot
  • What others are saying about working with that photographer”

Location Ideas for your Photo Shoot

The photographer is secured! Next up, let’s talk about where to take your photos. Keep reading for a few of our favorite location ideas:

Your Home or Airbnb

Ask your photographer if the lighting in your home is sufficient for a photoshoot. Get cozy in your home office, with your pets, and showing a bit of who you are in your own home. Or, have a mini-staycation and rent a beautiful Airbnb either locally or make a trip out of it!

A Listing or Model Home

Don’t have a nice listing currently? Ask agents in your office, a new construction project, or a local staging company to use theirs. Offer to tag them in the photos and your behind the scenes content as a way to give them exposure too.

A Home Studio List

Home Studio List is a great resource for renting homes for photo shoots and productions. They have beautiful listings all over the United States.

A Popular Destination in your City

Have a bustling downtown area? A cute street nearby? A popular mural? A nice park? Take photos there! Walking down the street, sitting on a bench or riding a bike.

Local Shops, Restaurants, Coffee Houses

Feature local coffee shops, bars, shops or restaurants in your next branding shoot. Make sure to tag these businesses in your photos – they may repost the shot, resulting in more exposure.

A Local Photo Studio

Next, get your Google fingers out and search for a local photo studio. Some studios have great interior setups that mimic a home living room or dining area.

Shot List and Pose Ideas

Feeling good about where to take your photos? Next up, let’s talk about your shot list and poses. Be sure to check out out Coffee & Contracts’ Quarterly Branding Photo Guide – the perfect compliment to branding photos for real estate agents.

branding photos for real estate agents

Living Room

  • Checking things off of a clipboard (as if inspecting, or doing a final walkthrough)
  • Working on your computer, phone, or writing in a journal on the couch
  • Lifestyle poses in a chair or on the couch
  • Sprucing up decorations, fluffing pillows, making “final touches” to a listing
  • Relaxing on the couch with your drink of choice
  • Decorating for the season
  • Adding a vase with flowers to the table
  • Having a meeting with “clients”

Kitchen & Dining Room

  • Leaning against the counter
  • Working at your laptop, acting as if on a zoom call
  • Sitting on the counter with your drink of choice
  • Arranging flowers on the kitchen counter or dining table
  • Writing in a thank you card, planner or notebook
  • Wiping down the counter, or holding cleaning supplies
  • Meeting with a client at the dining table as if in a listing presentation
branding photos for real estate agents
branding photos for real estate agents

Outside a Listing

  • Getting ready for an open house: putting a sign or balloons in the yard 
  • Holding out a key or lock box in front of a door
  • Opening the door as if letting a client inside
  • Lifestyle photo in front of a nice exterior wall
  • Holding your sign riders out (sold, under contract, coming soon, etc)
  • Holding a closing gift basket
  • Sitting on the porch or porch swing
  • Tidying up the porch 
  • Decorating for the season

Out & About

  • Walking down a popular city street or neighborhood sidewalk
  • At your favorite local coffee shop, enjoying your favorite beverage
  • Working at a local coffee shop, or holding up a buyer guide
  • At your favorite local businesses, with a branded shopping bag or item
  • Meeting with a client or co-worker
  • In your favorite cafe, bar or restaurant
branding photos for real estate agents
branding photos for real estate agents

Miscellaneous Shots

  • Wearing a hard hat and holding a hammer
  • Holding out any of your printed guides, checklists, or resources
  • Popping confetti or champagne, or “celebrating”
  • Writing in a notebook 
  • Open house: setting up flyers, treats, etc
  • Holding out your phone (tip: hold the phone straight on so you can add something on the screen in Canva)
  • Arranging decor or cleaning as if preparing a listing
  • Sitting on a porch, by a pool, or at an outdoor set up

Prop Ideas for your Photoshoot

You’re feeling confident about posing for your upcoming shoot. Now, let’s talk about the props. Props are a great way to liven up a basic headshot and show your personality to your audience.  

Be sure to grab a few of these props to use during your shoot and have fun with it!

Props to bring:

  • Work Supplies: Laptop, phone, calculator, planner
  • Lockbox / Pair of keys
  • Personal Signs and Riders
  • Bottle of champagne or confetti
  • Clipboard & Pen
  • Marketing Guides
  • Your work drink of choice
  • Blank letterboard
  • Construction hat/ Hammer
  • Thank you cards
  • Closing gift
  • Flower arrangement
branding photos for real estate agents

Create an Outfit List

Next, let’s talk about outfits. As we discussed, one of the benefits of a quarterly branding photo shoot is to batch images for the upcoming quarter.

A great way to create variety in your photos is by bringing several outfits to wear during your shoot. Let your photographer know you wish to take photos with a few different outfits on, so you can be mindful of this during your shoot. 

When choosing outfits, consider your brand’s color palette. Is your brand’s look and feel neutral, moody, or bright? Keep that in mind when selecting clothing colors and textures. Tip: be sure you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit, that will translate in your photos!

branding photos for real estate agents

How to take Personal Branding Photos by Yourself

So, you’re convinced that personal branding photos are highly important in your real estate marketing but you’re not ready to make the jump of hiring a photographer.

Not to worry – We’ve compiled a few recommendations for taking personal branding photos by yourself (at home or out and about!).

What You’ll Need at to your DIY Shoot

  • Your smartphone
  • Your phone in timer mode, a remote trigger, or using your apple watch’s camera app to remotely trigger 
  • A selfie tripod, high bar stool or counter to prop your phone on
  • An area of the room with natural lighting
  • An area of the room with neutral colors, and minimal decorations/distractions
  • Coffee & Contracts Quarterly Branding Photo Guide for a list of props & poses to include
branding photos for real estate agents

High Five! Now, it’s time to get out there!

High five! You just successfully made it through the comprehensive guide to Personal Branding Photos for Real Estate Agents. You are well on your way to implementing beautiful imagery in your marketing – a guaranteed step to level-up your real estate business. 

Be sure to reference the Coffee & Contracts Quarterly Branding Photo Guide to assist you through your next branding photo shoot. And as always, leave a comment if you have any questions!

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