Protected • December 15, 2023

December 15, 2023

Branding Photos for June Content


Starting this month, we will be announcing some of the upcoming topics for our social media posts a couple weeks in advance, so that you guys can take some branding photos!

As we all know, personal photos of you will always get the most engagement and look the best. So, we have photo suggestions about our captions so you can take a photo that corresponds with it.

We recommend hiring a photographer, or asking a friend for a favor and making a day of it. We know, it’s a lot to ask of a busy real estate agent, but these will be a game changer for your marketing – we promise!

Choose a couple of outfits for the day, and try to make it go with your brand colors or general color palette of your Instagram feed. This will result in everything looking cohesive.

Having these branding photos done monthly or quarterly will provide you with endless content to choose from, and your social media results will skyrocket.

A thought to keep in mind: When accounts give shoutouts or feature individuals, they always use photos of them. More photos of you, more chances for features!

Here are the branding photos we recommend taking for June 2020:

  • Holding or eating a donut (donut day)
  • Holding a sign that says “Donut forget to ask me about real estate, donut sell your home alone, etc.”
  • You holding a key
  • Photos of you around town:
    • Your favorite local spots
    • Smiling at your phone
    • Talking on phone (smiling)
    • Just lifestyle type photos around familiar local spots
  • You working in your planner
  • You working at your desk / on computer
  • You with your dog if you have one or in backyard
  • You working with your dog or cat beside you (Take your dog to work day)
  • You holding your printed out Seller Guide
  • You holding your printed out Buyer Guide
  • You showing your phone or tablet with the guides pulled up
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