Branding & Niche • November 29, 2023
Branding & Niche

November 29, 2023

Location Ideas for your Real Estate Branding Shoot


Congratulations! You’ve scheduled a personal brand photo shoot for your real estate business. You are well on your way to building a cohesive personal brand that is sure to shine!

Now, where to take these photos?! Read on for our photoshoot location recommendation list:

A Listing or Model Home

Don’t have a nice listing currently? Ask agents in your office, a new construction project, or a local staging company if you could use theirs.

Home Studio List 

Home Studio List is a great resource for renting homes for photo shoots and productions. They have beautiful listings all over the US. Check them out here.

A popular destination in your city

Have a bustling downtown area? A cute street nearby? A popular mural? A nice park? Take photos there! Walking down the street, sitting on a bench, etc.

Local Coffee shops and restaurants

Feature local coffee shops, bars, shops, restaurants, etc in your next branding shoot. Make sure to tag them and they may repost the shot and get you more views as well.

A local photo studio

Get your Google fingers out and search around for a local photo studio: some spots have great interior setups that look like a home.

Your Home or an Airbnb

Ask your photographer if the lighting in your home is sufficient for a photoshoot. Get cozy in your home office, with your pets, and showing a piece of who you are in your own home! Or, have a mini-staycation and rent a beautiful Airbnb either at home or make a trip out of it!

Access our latest Branding Photo Guide to read more about photoshoot locations, poses and props.

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