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December 19, 2022

15 Instagram Holiday Post Ideas for Realtors

15 Instagram Holiday Post Ideas for Realtors
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The holiday season presents a wealth of opportunities for real estate marketing. Agents can keep their Instagram feeds bright and jolly with themed posts that reflect all the joy of the season. Try some of these Instagram post ideas for realtors.

Holiday Decorating Tips

Post handy ideas for holiday decorating with ease. Focus on temporary decor that works well for clients staging a home.

Charity Drives

Look up local toy drives, canned food drives, and other charitable events in the area to share on Instagram. Better yet, organize and host a new one to benefit a local group.

Holiday Cookie Contest

Boost Instagram engagement with a contest. Challenge followers to come up with the best cookies for that delicious home-baked scent that works so well during open-house events.

Twelve Days of Local Highlights

Run a 12-day series of local highlights in a particular neighborhood to encourage followers to consider moving there. Include restaurants, museums, trails, public art, local events, and more.

Holiday Event Guide

Highlight upcoming holiday events in the area. Suggest these as a way for prospective homebuyers to meet people who may become new neighbors while they get a feel for the area.

Ideas for Holiday Hosting

List suggestions for keeping guests comfortable while hosting holiday events. Focus on little extras like a basket of snacks and bottled water in the guest bedroom.

Tips for Winter Home Staging

Discuss some of the challenges of staging a home in winter and offer tips for tackling these. Explore how to make homes look great in winter weather.

Mantle Decorating Contest

Host a contest for the best-decorated mantle. Boost engagement and offer a gift card to a local store or restaurant as a prize.

Home Winterizing Checklist

Address some essential aspects of winterizing a home for the season. Explain how followers can prevent damage from ice and snow.

DIY Holiday Projects

Feature a series of Instagram photos walking followers through a DIY holiday project, like wreath-making or holiday table centerpieces. Show off the end product at an upcoming open house.

Holiday Light Highlights

Feature photos of the best-decorated homes in the area. Offer ideas for hanging lights or outdoor decorations at home.

Ideas for New Years Resolutions

Post a photo of fun ideas for new years resolutions. Incorporate local highlights that followers should resolve to visit or suggest home improvement activities.

Festive Open House Activities

Feature festive activities at winter open houses and post pictures of the event. This might include cookie decorating or ornament crafting.

Moving Tips Over the Holidays 

Provide handy tips for families moving over the holidays. Suggest separating gifts and decorations so they're easy to unpack first and don't get lost in the jumble.

Storytelling Series

Post a series of Instagram photos that tells the story of a successful home sale over the holidays. Include cheerful pictures of the family in holiday attire outside their new home.

By using these clever and fun holiday Instagram post ideas for realtors, it's easy to gather clients — and friends. For more tips and ideas on maintaining an engaging Instagram presence year-round, join the Coffee & Contracts community of real estate pros. Members get access to social media templates, Instagram highlight covers, and so much more.

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