Facebook for Realtors • July 3, 2023
Facebook for Realtors

July 3, 2023

10 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas for 2023

real estate social media post ideas
real estate social media post ideas

Social media offers numerous opportunities to discover potential clients and connect with them personally. Platforms such as Instagram provide convenient ways to share photos and videos with the public, stay in touch with them, and obtain referrals and repeat business. If you’re a realtor interested in exploring the power of social media to expand your reach and coverage, ideas on how to structure your real estate social media posts can benefit you. In this blog post, we present 10 real estate social media post ideas that you can use to widen your circle of influence in 2023.

1. New Listings

Post new listings several times to maximize your reach. Include a catchy description of the property. Most importantly, add photos of the interior and exterior. Also, add a link to your website on each listing to make it easy for interested parties to contact you with just a click.

2. Video Walkthroughs

Many clients are likely to engage with realtors who regularly post videos, so consider sharing short clips (15-30 seconds) of properties, neighborhoods, or buyer experiences as posts on Instagram Reels.

3. Market Updates

Share infographics or reels about the latest statistics on real estate market trends and updates. Also, include how these statistics can help clients decide when to list or move.

4. Neighborhood Guide

Most real estate choices are heavily influenced by the neighborhood, so posting neighborhood guides as reels can potentially help you obtain leads. Consider covering details such as demographics, current average selling price, best restaurants, and important information that can’t be found online.

5. Home Value Maximization Tips

Consider sharing posts on practical ways your clients can maximize and self-assess the value of their homes. Include tips on when to consider upgrades to lower maintenance expenses, renovations, or makeovers.  

6. Home Makeover

If you renovate homes, consider posting before and after photos or reels of easy makeovers or extensive remodels as inspiration for your clients. You can also post interior design trends regularly.

7. Home Maintenance Tips

Offer home maintenance tips as posts with photos or reels to educate clients on common maintenance tasks, such as replacing bathroom tiles, cleaning the fridge, or preparing their homes for sale.

8. First-time Buyer Guide

As first-time buyers often have several doubts, consider posting a downloadable resource as a guide that offers a detailed description of the entire process involved in buying a home, tips on finding good deals, and answers to common FAQs.  

9. Client Interview or Closing Events 

Post reels of interviews with current clients to provide insights to prospective buyers. Also, celebrate happy moments when you close a deal.

10. Client Testimonials

Testimonials from clients are vital to authenticate your services, so posting messages or reels from satisfied buyers can help to build trust with your community.

Real estate social media posts can help potential clients “see” property before making big decisions and substantial investments. Harnessing the power of social media can help you to conveniently broaden your reach. Join our community to learn more!

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