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March 9, 2023

10 Fresh Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Spring

10 Fresh Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Spring
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The spring season ushers in renewed energy, motivation, and vigor in the real estate industry after a winter hibernation and slumber. As temperatures warm, so does home buying and selling activity. If you're a real estate agent looking to refresh your marketing strategies this spring, check out these 10 fresh spring real estate marketing ideas to make your business bloom.

1. Spring-themed Social Media Templates

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool for realtors, as most of your potential clients may be active on at least one social media platform. Create catchy and visually appealing Instagram posts in seasonal colors to capture your audience's attention by using colorful spring-themed social media templates that Coffee & Contracts provides or design your own on sites like Canva. Also, consider refreshing your social media profiles to reflect the season's latest offerings.

2. Spring Market Update

Provide your audience with a spring market update on the current trends in real estate. Include the current value of homes and property in specific localities as Facebook and Instagram posts.

3. Spring-themed Client Gifts

Demonstrate client appreciation by giving spring-themed gifts, such as a personalized keychain or mug, a framed drawing of their home, a colorful vase with a bouquet, indoor plants, or floral candle holders.   

4. Spring-themed Door Hangers 

Consider using spring-themed door hangers to promote your real estate business, as it's an affordable marketing tool. Besides your contact details, feature a neighborhood listing or property sold.

5. Spring-cleaning Guide

Offer a spring-cleaning guide for download on your website that lists your favorite spring-cleaning tips, along with ideas on home organization and maintenance. 

6. Guest Blog 

Partner with local businesses, chambers of commerce, publications, or micro-influencers to guest blog on topics related to real estate, which can position you as an authority. You can then link these blogs on your personal social media channels.

7. Spring-themed Email Newsletter 

Design a visually-appealing email newsletter using spring colors to connect with and educate your audience. Some ideas for content can include home-buying and selling tips, excerpts from local real estate reports, or real estate advice.

8. Real Estate Seller Guide

Create your own real estate seller guide using a spring-themed template that contains your brand elements and features valuable content to get homes ready to list on the market.

9. Spring Social Media Contest

Hosting a spring social media contest, such as an Instagram giveaway or a Facebook contest, is an easy way to increase engagement with your community and grow your audience. Consider partnering with local businesses to create gift baskets containing goods or gift cards and get your audience to comment, tag a friend, or share a picture to win. 

10. Video Walkthroughs

Consider sharing short clips of properties and neighborhoods this spring and post them on Instagram Reels

Our spring real estate ideas can spruce up your marketing and help you expand your business horizons. Join our growing online community for more insights.

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