supercharge your real estate social media

Today, every business must supercharge its social media presence to maximize its success. Social media allows companies to connect directly to customers without spending tons on advertising. Still, setting up a social media profile and successfully running one are quite different. Luckily, anyone can use the steps below to create better, more effective social media content for realtors. Keep reading to learn the five pillars that will supercharge social media for realtors.


Quantity is the first pillar for success for any real estate agent looking to improve their social media presence. While there’s no magic number for how much you should post, generally, the more you post, the better. According to the social media marketing and management tool Hootsuite, the ideal number of posts per platform is:

  • One to two times a day on Facebook.
  • Three to seven times per week on Instagram.
  • One to five times a day on Twitter.

Remember, you should use these numbers only as a general rule of thumb. Every social media platform and account is unique, so testing and analyzing your performance is essential.


Consistency is as vital as your overall quantity. Posting three times in one day, then not posting for the rest of the week, is likely less effective than posting once daily for three days. But consistency in your social media is more than your posting schedule. It’s also about the consistency of your branding and messaging. Your posts should have a similar look, feel, and tone. This consistency will help your audience understand exactly what’s important to you and your business.

Find Your Niche

Another critical piece of your social media is finding your social media niche. If you completely understand your target audience, you can determine which platform and content most resonates with them. Finding and messaging directly to this niche can help improve your social media content’s performance.

Focus on Value

Providing value is another key piece of creating social media posts for realtors. So, whatever you post, you must ensure it’s providing inspiration, entertainment, or useful information to your audience. If you use social media solely for self-promotion, your audience will quickly tune you out.

Video + Trends/Trending Sounds

Current trends are the final pillar you can use to enhance your social media. For example, Google has found almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. Similarly, using the newest trending sound on TikTok or Instagram Reels is an excellent way to engage your audience and stay relevant.

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