instagram explore page

If you’re currently using Instagram as part of your social media marketing for realtors, you’ll want to utilize the Explore page to help with organic reach to capture potential clients and build your community.

What Is an Instagram (IG) Explore Page?

IG’s Explore page is a collection of web content tailored to an Instagram user. There is no follow button on the Explore page. Instead, Instagram’s algorithm creates this page for each user’s unique interests. Because the Explore page posts photos of a wide range of topics, it’s important to use this page to reach users who may find your real estate business through connected searches so you can grow your brand awareness.

No two IG users will see the same content on their Explore page. Instead, the algorithm personalizes each page with its Explore Feed Ranking System based on each user’s activity on Instagram. So, how do you get Instagram’s Explore page to rank your real estate posts, photos, videos, Reels, and Stories?

How Do I Get My Real Estate Content on the IG Explore Page?

There’s a bit of a learning curve in using IG’s Explore page successfully. Following tips will help you increase your reach to Instagram users to help them find your real estate content and other trendy topics:

Create Big Titles

Successful real estate agents have a polished aesthetic that gives their social media content a consistent voice and brand. If you want to go beyond just using your brand tone and voice to get recognized on the Explore page, create big, bold titles for social media posts for realtors to hook IG users.

Serve a Wide Audience

Instagram’s Explore page uses a specialized algorithm that pulls content from a wide range of interests and audiences. You’ll want to create content that a variety of audiences are interested in to help you land on more users’ Explore pages.

Meanwhile, it’s still important to stay keyed to your target audience and demographics. Do followers and users most enjoy Reels and Stories, beautiful photos, or general social media content for realtors? Understanding your audience and creating social media posts they’ll look forward to seeing, while also making them general enough to appeal to new users, can help you climb IG’s Explore Feed Ranking System.

Use Hashtags and Keywords

Use relevant hashtags and keywords and interesting social media caption writing to engage your audience. You’ll also want to use account tags along with generalized hashtags for your Instagram posts so people can find what they’re looking for quickly. Relevant tagging and keywords can help extend the reach of content the Explore page algorithm finds.

Stay on Top of Trends

Post trendy topics that go beyond just real estate to reach a wider audience. IG users enjoy audio and cultural trends like the Oscars and music awards shows and will read, view, and listen to engaging content based on these cultural events. If you create these more general and trendy posts and videos, IG’s Explore page may be more likely to share them with users who might see your profile and reach out to you for further information about your real estate business.

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