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Unless you’ve been hiding under a boulder for the last few years, you know about social media. Still, you might not completely understand the power of social media, especially regarding marketing yourself and your real estate business, particularly through Instagram. Given that it’s a picture-forward platform, Instagram is a helpful tool for engaging in social media marketing for realtors.

Plus, with 2 billion active users every month, Instagram is the second-biggest platform. The size of this audience and its synergy with the real estate industry make it an ideal choice for social media for realtors. But harnessing the power of Instagram isn’t as simple as posting listings to your account. One simple strategy can help you grow your Instagram presence and boost your business.

What Is Outbound Engagement?

Outbound engagement is the process of actively seeking out your target audience and directly engaging with them. Unlike inbound engagement, like responding to comments on your posts or answering direct messages, outbound engagement is a proactive practice meant to forge stronger bonds between you and your target audience. As a realtor, you can use outbound engagement on Instagram to grow your audience, strengthen your brand, and add tangible value to your business.

How To Employ Outbound Engagement?

Some outbound engagement strategies you can use on Instagram to boost social media content for real estate agents include:

  • Utilize relevant hashtags. Hashtags on Instagram can help increase the visibility of your posts and drive new individuals to follow your profile. You can use hashtags in outbound engagement by searching hashtags relevant to social media content for realtors. Then, interact with other profiles or brands who are utilizing these hashtags.
  • Find new audiences through locations. Location isn’t just important in real estate, it’s also essential for social media posts for realtors. Is there a prominent place tagged near one of your listings? Browse posts tagged in that location and comment on some of these pictures. It’s an excellent way to mention your beautiful listing close to the tagged area.
  • Interact with influential accounts. What people, profiles, or brands are highly influential in your area? Finding and interacting with these accounts can increase your visibility with their fans and, ideally, drive them to follow your profile.
  • Engage with followers of competitors. Find the Instagram pages of some of your competitors or accounts like yours. Then, comment on their posts and interact with some of their fans. This strategy will help build awareness of your brand with this audience.
  • Follow new accounts. Following a few new accounts, every week can help you reach a wider audience. People are more likely to follow your account if you’re already following them.

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