Instagram Reels is popular for user to create and share short and snappy multi-clip video. It’s a valuable social media marketing tool for real estate agents, as you can mix photos and videos, and add text and audio to your Reels. In this article, we share multiple ways to use Reels in your real estate marketing mix.

Reels With Multiple Photos

To create a photo reel on Instagram, you can either add photos one by one or multiple photos directly. On the Reels screen, click the Gallery icon. Then, on the top-left corner, click the drop-down menu to add photos from a photo album. You can adjust the duration for each photo. Then, click the Add button to add the photo to your reel. After adding all photos, you can also include text and audio to the reel.

Alternatively, after clicking the Gallery icon, you can click on the “Select Multiple” icon that appears as two overlapping squares. Select all photos from your Gallery in the order in which they should appear and adjust the time interval of each photo. Lastly, add a sticker, effects, or even your own voice to the reel.

Reels With Many Photos and Videos

To make reels with many photos and videos, FlexClip offers a variety of tools to edit videos, remove the background, and add animated elements or transitions, among other features. Click Media to drag and drop photos and clips, then change the aspect ratio to 9:16. Click Text and adjust its size, color, and font. Make additional edits before your video is ready for upload.

Instagram Carousel Posts

An Instagram carousel post consists of up to 10 photos or videos. With a concept in mind, determine which pictures or videos are most appropriate for the post. To make a carousel, add pictures or videos to your photo library. On the Instagram app, click the + icon, then the layered square icon. Select the photos and videos in the order in which they should appear and apply filters or edit. Add your caption, hashtags, and account tags.

Click Advanced Settings to change preferences for likes and comments and to view counts. You can even schedule carousel posts using the web version of Instagram.

Instagram Video and Live

Instagram video posts can span up to 60 minutes. Record videos using Instagram’s built-in camera and apply filters, and then add a caption and location tags. You can even share public videos in direct messages and Stories. With Instagram Live, you can directly stream videos to your audience’s feeds and host live events and interviews. You can see the number of viewers and use analytics to determine your reach. VEED allows you to repurpose your Instagram videos for YouTube.

This post highlights a few ways you can take advantage of Instagram Reels for your spring real estate posts to widen your reach. Join our community to learn more.