instagram captions for realtors

Only about 15% of an account’s Instagram audience actually sees any given post. It’s likely that even fewer will read through the entire caption and just a small percentage of those individuals will actually remember the details there. With such a low chance of the reader retaining the caption, there’s no reason not to reuse great content and increase the chances that it will get seen. Follow these rules to successfully reuse Instagram captions for realtors.

Craft Impactful Realtor Captions for Instagram

Reusing captions frees up more time to carefully craft each one. The best Instagram captions include an engaging hook in the first 125 characters. This tells the viewer exactly what’s going on in the picture and why they should care. This should make the reader want to know more. Consider something like, “The greatest home feature on the market this week.” 

Follow the hook with a little more context and conclude with a call to action. The best Instagram captions for realtors include a clear call to action. Don’t leave any ambiguity about what the viewer should do next. This is typically something like viewing a listing, attending an open house, or contacting the realtor.

Stockpile Captions by Category

Realtor Instagram captions typically fall into one of a few basic categories. Compile two or three great captions for each type of post and pull these into regular rotation. Realtors will typically want captions for:

  • Highlighting neighborhoods.
  • Sharing home listings.
  • Showcasing home sales.
  • Promoting open houses.

Add Tiny Touches of Customization

Customize boilerplate Instagram captions with a few special touches to make sure they’re still accurate and relevant. For example, a new listing caption template may highlight the home’s top three features with empty bullet points. With the hook, call to action, and the basic context in place, it’s quick and easy to plug in relevant details like the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, square footage, and asking price.

This works for nearly any of the post types mentioned above. Change the date, time, and location but keep open house captions otherwise static. Update posts on home sales with the neighborhood and home details, but keep the rest as-is.

Only Use the Best Instagram Caption Ideas for Realtors

Keep a running list of Instagram caption ideas for future use and reuse, but let go of any pressing feelings of obligation about using those ideas right away. When realtors relax into the routine of reusing great captions, they’ll step away from the rushed feeling of having to make something great in the moment. Set aside time every few months to comb through that file of ideas and update the captions in rotation, but go ahead and dump anything that doesn’t light a spark anymore at the second or third read-through.

Streamlining the Instagram posting process is a great way for realtors to keep their pages active without investing an unreasonable amount of time and effort in the task. Great captions can keep producing results even when they’re reused, and the time saved in social media marketing can make room for realtors to invest greater effort elsewhere.