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Wondering how to sustainably and authentically grow your Instagram followers as a Realtor? (Hint, it doesn’t include buying followers – Yuck!) We’ve rounded up a few quick tips sure to help you attract followers and turn them into a trusted audience of potential clients.

Really think about what your audience will benefit and get value from

This could be sharing listings in a certain price range or location, touring hot new listings and answering questions about them, sharing local events, or sharing truthful insights about buying or selling a house. Try different things, switch it up, and get consistent with the things your audience is loving.

Interact with other accounts in a genuine way

Make genuine interactions with local business owners, people who follow local accounts, real estate agents in other areas, and popular accounts in the real estate industry. Tip: When networking or engaging with new people, get out of the mindset that you want something from them, instead come from a place of, “how can I help or benefit this person?”

Be patient, be consistent, and have fun with it!

You’re not going to grow your Instagram followers overnight (unless you buy followers, which is a TERRIBLE idea!) Be patient and stay consistent: your quality of content will improve, you’ll learn what your audience is enjoying, and you will see your followers grow. And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with it – it’s just social media after all. Get creative, try new things, and don’t worry about what other people think. Do your thing and you’ll attract like-minded people.

There you have it folks! What other tips do you have to grow your Instagram followers as a Realtor? Let us know in the comments below!

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written by

Claudia Bell

Claudia is C&C's Marketing Director with a background in retail, commercial, hotel and residential real estate.

A Florida Native, Claudia loves being outdoors and on the water. Find her exploring homes in historic neighborhoods, squeezing a lime on something, or planning a trip somewhere off the beaten path.

Simple pleasures: a made bed and a hot baguette.