Aaah, spring is here! Temperatures are heating up and so is the (already hot!) real estate market. Follow along below for 6 unique spring marketing ideas for Realtors.

01 Promote a Spring Cleaning Checklist

Create a post on your feed sharing about Spring Cleaning, and promote a downloadable checklist your audience can print out. Ask your followers to DM you for it and grab their email to send it over, or put it in a landing page.

02 Share Spring Community Events

Share upcoming events happening in your area this Spring. Be sure to tag any local businesses or organizations in your post.

03 Create a fun Reel about the market heating up

Use a trending audio to create a fun reel about the real estate market (and temperatures) heating up! 

04 Share real estate tips for preparing for the Spring market

As the temperatures heat up, so does the real estate market. Share a post with tips to prep your buyers and sellers for a hot market.

05 Share Spring curb appeal tips

Remind your homeowners of the importance of curb appeal when selling their home, and provide them with some helpful tips for sprucing up their yard this Spring. Did you know… according to NAR 100 percent of costs related to landscape maintenance make their way back to the sellers pocket at the time of sale?!

06 Share a Spring market update

Give your audience un update on the local market this Spring. Provide insights on the differences between this year and last year.

Know of any Spring marketing ideas for Realtors? Comment them below. For more content ideas and real estate marketing templates, join us at Coffee & Contracts!

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written by

Claudia Bell

Claudia is C&C's Marketing Director with a background in retail, commercial, hotel and residential real estate.

A Florida Native, Claudia loves being outdoors and on the water. Find her exploring homes in historic neighborhoods, squeezing a lime on something, or planning a trip somewhere off the beaten path.

Simple pleasures: a made bed and a hot baguette.