Books & Podcasts for Realtors

If one thing is true of the Realtor crowd – They love learning. We asked our community of real estate professionals what books and podcasts they recommended… the list was fabulous! Keep scrolling for book and podcast recommendations for realtors.


First up: Podcasts for Real Estate Pros

    • Bigger Pockets – Real estate investors and entrepreneurs discuss wins, losses, and lessons learned.
    • Over Ask – Interviews with industry giants in the pursuit of becoming a top producer.
    • The Close Weekly – Actionable advice from top producing real estate agents.
    • Lifestyle by Real Estate – Strategies and tools to help you build a successful and sustainable real estate business.
    • The Massive Agent – A real estate marketing podcast that gives equal parts ideas and real world execution.
    • Jason Pantana – Best real estate practices for modern agents.
    • Socially Modern – Modern social media trends for real estate agents.
    • Yes Talk – Short but powerful advice to get more “yes’s” and successes in your business and life.
    • Keeping it Real – Interviews with top 1% agents on how they built their realty business.

All of these podcasts are available on the Apple and Android podcast app and most streaming platforms. Next, let’s dive into real estate books…


Next up: Books for Real Estate Pros

    • Atomic Habits – This book is a crowd favorite! The premise: Small changes can result in profound results. No matter your goals, this book shares a proven framework for improving every day.
    • 116 Meditations on Action – Short, punchy devotionals on the nature and importance of action.
    • Go Pro – Step-by-step guide on turning prospects into evangelists.
    • No Excuses! – Explores the idea that success is not the result of luck or circumstances, it is rather the result of discipline.
    • Millionaire Real Estate Agent – Step-by-step handbook for seeking excellence in your profession.
    • Power of Habit – Explores the science behind habit creation and reformation.
    • Tangible Action Guide for Real Estate Marketing – Short chapters with tangible marketing tips, ideas & tactics.
    • Miracle Morning for Realtors – Take your life & business to the next level by focusing on the start of the day.
    • 4% Fix – Time management and goal setting. Find guilt-free time for what is most important to you.

These books are available for purchase at major retail book outlets and online.

There you have it, folks! Are there book and podcast recommendations for realtors that we missed? Post them in the comments!

And, if you’re looking to take your real estate marketing to the next level, join us!

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