Video content on social media is quickly becoming a key component for growing your community and sharing your message. That’s because video content is typically more attention-grabbing and engaging than static posts.

The longer your audience spends with a piece of content, the more likely an algorithm will expose that content to a wider net of people.

Not to worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll need to enlist the help of a professional camera crew. Grab your smartphone and let’s dive in:

Focus on quality

Instagram recently shared that it deprioritizes blurry videos with low resolution content. A few pointers to avoid this:

    • Stability – use a tripod, stack of books or phone stand to ensure your footage is stable
    • Lighting – use a consistent and bright lighting source. Avoid lighting from directly above or below you to avoid harsh shadows. We recommend setting up shop by a window or by purchasing a ring light to evenly display light across your face or subject 
    • Audio – Record in a quiet room with limited excess noise and good acoustics. Choose an area with carpet and upholstered seating like a couch with cushions to dampen excess sound. Avoid tall ceilings and hard surfaces to prevent echo
    • Squeaky clean lens – record straight from your phone and be sure your lens has been wiped clean

Grab attention with a compelling intro

Start with a captivating question or give a quick summary about what the video is about. Focus on the pain point that you’re solving. The window of opportunity to catch your viewers’ attention is short so make sure your first few sentences are clear, concise, and compelling.

Create a clear storyline

Like any good story, they all start with a clear beginning, middle and end. A simple way to achieve this is by sticking to 3-4 main points in your video. When the video is easy to follow, viewers will be more inclined to engage with, save and share.

Show us that face!

Showing your face to your followers builds trust with them. Why? Because we’re social creatures and Instagram is a way for us to connect (and do business) with those we know, like and trust!

Add subtitles and text

Adding text and subtitles makes your content available to a wider audience including those who are deaf or hard of hearing. What’s more, videos are often viewed without sound. Avoid missing subsets of your audience and be sure to add captions. (Facebook, IGTV, Stories, and YouTube generate automatic captions). Pro-Tip: Be sure to use consistent font, colors and styles in your captions to keep a cohesive brand look.

Instructions for adding captions to your Instagram Stories can be found here.

Members, use your C&C video templates and scripts to get started!

Here are some great examples of creative and fun videos made by C&C agents!

If you have a fun video, we’d love to see it so we can share with our audience! Email it to us at

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Claudia Bell

Claudia is C&C's Marketing Director with a background in retail, commercial, hotel and residential real estate.

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