01 РInteract with your ideal clients 

Go to a popular local Instagram account and interact with people who have recently followed or interact with the page. For example, the city’s official Instagram page or a page highlighting local events.

02 – Use narrow, local hashtags

Use narrow hashtags like #[yourcity]realestate or #homesin[yourcity] rather than broad hashtags like #realestate and #[yourcity]. Read more about hashtag use here.

03 – Support Local Businesses

Every time you’re out and about supporting a local business, snap a pic of your coffee or meal and tag the business. They’ll likely repost and support your business in return!

04 – Utilize a Landing Page with A Freebie

Remember that you don’t own your Instagram followers, and they could be lost at any time if you lose access to your account. That’s why it’s important to build your email list by offering a free resource in exchange for an email address. Read our step-by-step guide here on how to set up a free landing page.

05 – Showcase new + hot listings

If you don’t have any new listings, feature new construction projects or ask other agents if you can share their listings and give them credit. Leave out a detail about the home so you get more questions about the property.

06 – Ask simple questions

Ask simple questions to gauge interest from your audience. If you’re posting a new listing on your story, use an emoji slider sticker or poll sticker rather than a question sticker. People are less likely to type out answers to open-ended questions, but will be more likely to click an option.

Haley Ingram

Haley is the Founder and CEO of Coffee & Contracts. When she's not helping agents grow their social media, you can find her at the beach or with her golden retriever, Lilo. Connect with her on Instagram @hayingram.