What is your facebook group based on?

I am a wine collector, so I created a Russian-speaking wine group. I’m also part of a Russian-speaking girl community in Silicon Valley. I hadn’t found a Russian-speaking US facebook group that is about wine, so I created my own!

What Kind of Content Do you Post in the Groups?

In the Russian speaking group I post about wine, although people know I am a Realtor. I also post announcements about my real estate webinars, or simply useful posts about real estate – like new laws, taxes, permits, or rent control in the area. Anything that is not direct sales. In the wine group – I only post wine-related stuff.

How many leads did you receive from these groups in the past 6 months – 1 year?

I get 2-3 leads weekly!

Any tips for those creating a new group?

Pick something you love and are passionate about – something other than real estate. Be consistent! Engagement is the key! I love wine, so I can talk about it for hours. Every time I find a great bottle of wine, I share it there. Or a meme. Or some facts or just an interesting story.

I also do giveaways when we get new members. I have 850 members now, and will do another giveaway when we get to a 1,000. 

As for a Russian Speaking group, that doesn’t belong to me – I simply comment daily! This way people get to know me. 

Tell us more about how you get creative with your marketing on social media…

I don’t do direct sales. Even if I have a listing, I post before/after staging and stories around it. I am very personable and people think of me as a friend!

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written by

Claudia Bell

Claudia is C&C's Marketing Director with a background in retail, commercial, hotel and residential real estate.

A Florida Native, Claudia loves being outdoors and on the water. Find her exploring homes in historic neighborhoods, squeezing a lime on something, or planning a trip somewhere off the beaten path.

Simple pleasures: a made bed and a hot baguette.