When I was in real estate, I had two main sources of leads coming in: Zillow leads and leads from Instagram. I found that I was not only closing more of the deals that came from Instagram, but the deals always went smoother and were more enjoyable.

The reason for this is because the Instagram leads already know, like, and trusted me from connecting with me on social media. They’ve seen me behind the scenes, they know what the process looks like with me, and they already trust me. When I got a lead from Zillow, they were randomly paired with me and we had to start building trust.

Instagram is our favorite social media platform for lead generation. Here are 7 things you can do today to grow your follower count on Instagram.

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7 Things you Can do Right Now to grow your Following as a Real Estate Agent on Instagram and Social Media

Tag local businesses in your posts

Wearing an outfit from a local boutique? Have someone snap a photo of you, or take one yourself. Post on Instagram and tag the boutique. Most likely, they will repost this. Now you’re being broadcasted to the followers of the boutique. The boutique owners will not only appreciate you sharing their business, but they will also remember you the next time they need a Realtor or know someone who does. Remember that other businesses are potential clients too! This applies to all sorts of local businesses – Restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, gyms, any kind of local business. Show love to your fellow local businesses.

Tour homes and share photos and videos of them

Not only will this will help you get to know your market, but you will have so much relevant content to share. Instead of sharing “design inspo” photos from Pinterest (or Coffee & Contracts!) the photos your sharing will be actual houses that your followers can tour and buy! You will also come across as a local expert in the area if you’re constantly reminding people that you are out and about touring properties.

Ask other agents if you can share their listings

Some agents really don’t like this, and some agents actually love it. You want to market my listing? Yeah, go ahead and bring me a buyer! The worst someone can say is no, so just be sure to ask. When I do this, I always make sure to give credit to the listing agent and brokerage in the caption or tag them if possible. Once I started doing this, slowly but surely it has gotten to a point where people message me about properties I post or tag their friends. I’ve gotten a lot of leads this way. Also, check out FSBOs that are offering a commission. Asking For Sale by Owners if you can share their listing on your social media is not only a great way to have more content but is also a way to get your foot in the door with a FSBO and a potential listing.

Team up with a local business and do a giveaway

Team up with a local restaurant, bar, shop or hotel and do a giveaway. Simply make a post stating the rules (must follow myself and @localbusiness, must tag 3 friends, must be 18+ older) and when you will be drawing the winner. Not only are you supporting a local business, but you are creating a buzz and engagement on your page.

Get creative with recurring themes

I’ve seen so many cute hashtags that agents have gotten so creative with. #WhiteKitchenWednesday, #TitleTuesdays, #WiseUpWednesdays. Create a fun and creative recurring hashtag theme to incorporate into your social media plan. It doesn’t even have to start with the same letter as the day! Just do something that you know you can have content for and that you like.

Follow people who follow people

!!! This. Is. Huge. Follow people who follow your towns official Instagram, the foodie Instagrams in town, etc. This has literally gotten me so many leads. I have gotten messages saying “I don’t know how I found you but I’m actually looking to move to the area and see that you’re a real estate agent.” This is a great way to reach people who are interested in your town – and quite possibly moving there! 

Post “Buyer Needs” posts

I’ve seen a few agents do this, but not very many. Create a weekly “Buyer Needs” post, maybe doing a #MondayBuyerNeeds every week. Use graphics (we have templates for this!) or simply type in the caption what your current buyers are looking for. “Need at least 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms North of downtown.” Not only can this help you find the property you’re looking for it (A) shows your clients that you have creative ways of looking for them (B) shows potential buyers that you could help them in the same way and (C) could result in a potential seller saying “hey, that sounds like my house – how much would they buy it for?”

Haley Ingram

Haley is the Founder and CEO of Coffee & Contracts. When she's not helping agents grow their social media, you can find her at the beach or with her golden retriever, Lilo. Connect with her on Instagram @hayingram.