Setting up your instagram account for growth

When you are marketing yourself as a real estate agent on Instagram, it is so important to make sure your account is easily discoverable. Do your dream clients a favor and help them find you! When someone searches for Your City Real Estate Agent, you want to be the first person to pop up. Then, you want to make sure that person sticks around and clicks that Follow button.

Instagram, like Google, is a search engine. You can utilize keywords in your display name and bio so that your profile appears when those keywords are searched for.

01. Your Display and Username

Your display name should include keywords like where you sell and real estate/realtor. For example, if my name is Bob Smith and I sell real estate in Tampa, Florida I would make my display name: Bob Smith | Tampa Real Estate.

If you can’t fit your name and profession in the display name, I’d recommend not including your name but instead putting just your professional title and location. Your name can remain in the bio or your username.

Your username is also known as your Instagram handle. This will look like @coffeecontracts. It’s important that your username represents you, your business, and is easy to read. Keep numbers and symbols at a minimum.

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02. Your Bio

Not only will using relevant hashtags and keywords in your bio help your audience understand what you do, but it will also help Instagram to place you high up in the search results for those hashtags.

03. Call to Action

Don’t forget to invite the reader to reach out to you, and tell them how to. 

04. Profile Photo

If you are an agent, this should be a professional photo of you. The colors in your profile image should correspond with your brand colors.

If you are a team or brokerage, a logo is okay for your profile photo. If you are a team I would suggest having a team shot or a photo of the team leader as the profile photo.

05. Highlight Covers

Your highlight cover photos should match your brand colors.

I recommend using your Instagram Highlights as you would pages of a website. Don’t just pin random stories up there, instead organize them strategically into valuable albums. For example, if I were an agent I would have an About Me, Buyer/Seller FAQs, The Process, Active Listings, etc.

Haley Ingram

Haley is the Founder and CEO of Coffee & Contracts. When she's not helping agents grow their social media, you can find her at the beach or with her golden retriever, Lilo. Connect with her on Instagram @hayingram.