Meet our Agent of the Week this week, Jasmine Lee!


Jasmine Lee

Instagram: @thejasmineleeteam

Facebook: The Jasmine Lee Team

Selling: Toronto, ON, Canada

Jasmine has been in real estate since 2004. Right after high school she chose to travel for a bit and see the world before coming back to start her working career. She then worked for an international sales company but wanted to learn more about how to lean into a job that allows you to build commission and have unlimited income- and that’s when she thought of real estate. Her Godfather was in real estate and her father was an architect, so it made sense for her to go in this direction.  

She got into real estate at 21 years old and felt like she was in over her head with work. She knew didn’t want her life to be this way. She went to her boss at the time and said she needed help with all of this, and developed the idea to start a team. Later, a fellow real estate friend recommended that she read the book “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” by Gary Keller and it inspired her and helped her in building this team. When building a team, Jasmine believes the biggest hire is your admin. Once you have the right admin that will help you be your right hand, that’s when you are smooth sailing. Her first hire for her team was in 2008, which was her admin, a close family friend. It was a good start, but they had more fun than getting work done! From there, the hiring got even better and better. Fast forward to today, Jasmine’s team has two agents and an admin. They’re currently working on finding another admin to join the team. She really likes having such a small team working side by side. She doesn’t want quantity in a team, but rather quality. 

Her #1 source of lead generation is database. She believes it should be the most important lead generator that you have and to then have two more fall under that, which are farming and social media. On social media, she thinks that implementing videos has really created a relationship with people online. Social media has impacted her career in a positive way. Her team has always been big on networking and events. However, due to COVID, all events had to come to a halt. To make up for this, she tries to make sure she’s putting out 1-2 videos a week to Instagram primarily and Facebook secondary. She has gotten a lot of engagement from people this way! A social media tip she has is to switch off from business posts to personal posts. One day post something business related, and the next post something personal- like a sandwich effect. 

We asked Jasmine what advice she would give a real estate agent first starting out. She said that oftentimes, we don’t show our true personality online. You have to think of building a relationship with people first, and allowing them to get to know you. For example, one of the agents on her team was diagnosed with Leukemia and once she came out and shared that, people reached out so much and they shared their stories. Just opening up and being your true, authentic self made people engage more than ever. That being said, if you’re not your authentic self, you’re not going to connect with people. Don’t look at what other people are doing and try to replicate it, be yourself and be authentic. Energy attracts energy, even online! 

Thanks for chatting with us, Jasmine!

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