Each month we will be announcing some of the upcoming topics for our social media posts a couple weeks in advance so that you can take some photos to go with the captions we provide.

As we all know, personal photos of you will always get the most engagement and look the best. We have been including suggestions for photos to post with our captions, and wanted to give you a heads up on what these will be.

We recommend hiring a photographer, or asking a friend for a favor and making a day of it. We know, it’s a lot to ask of a busy real estate agent, but these will be a game-changer for your marketing – we promise!

Choose a couple of outfits for the day, and try to make it go with your brand colors or general color palette of your Instagram feed. This will result in everything looking cohesive.

Don’t have time for all that? Ask your significant other or roommate to take a quick photo of you with your phone. You can even buy a tripod for your phone to take your own high-quality photos.

Having these photos done monthly or quarterly will provide you with endless content to choose from, and your social media results will skyrocket.

Here are the photos we recommend taking for July 2020:

  • Working at your desk/at a kitchen counter/etc.
  • Holding a sign that says “clear-to-close”
  • Decluttering your home / re-arranging things on a kitchen counter
  • 4th of July: holding a flag/sparkler
  • Photo of you opening a door walking out
  • Holding out a pair of keys in front of a door
  • Arranging a flower bouquet on a kitchen counter, or holding a bouquet
  • “Thinking” or holding a sign/paper on a clipboard: how long is pre-approval good for?

We love the hilarious memes Yackeline Leiderman makes of herself for her Instagram! Get creative with it!

  • Holding a lightbulb
  • A photo with your team, if no team with your family members who help out, or pets!
  • “Thinking” or holding a sign/paper on a clipboard: how much do I need for a down payment?
  • You at a coffee shop with two coffees and your buyer or seller consultation (coffee & consultations)
  • You sitting on a couch in a living room
  • Holding a sign that says “Pre-qualification vs. Pre-approval”
  • Fluffing some throw pillows

We look forward to seeing your photos on the ‘gram! Be sure to tag us @coffeecontracts so we can feature you on our page and on future blog posts.

A thought to keep in mind: When accounts give shoutouts or feature individuals, they always use photos of the person – never graphics. More photos of you, more chances for features! Get those cameras out!

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