Setting up your Instagram account and not sure where to begin? Or are you not certain that your Instagram profile is really attracting potential clients to your page? 

Let’s take a look at some things that give a great first impression for potential followers/clients 📲

So, what makes an Instagram page “successful”?

✅ The page is easily discoverable 

✅ Inspires users to click on your profile

✅ Persuades users to click “follow”

✅ Encourages users to follow your call-to-action 


❌ Do not use your logo! 

I see a lot of real estate agents use their logo, a photo of a house, their brokerage logo or a real estate quote in their profile photo. Doing this will turn people away from your page.

Unless you are a brokerage or company you should not have a logo as your profile photo. 

Coffee & Contracts is our company so we use our logo, just like brokerages should use their logos as well

However, if you are a single agent, or even a team you should have a photo of yourself or of your team as your profile photo

Why? Because people see your profile and are interested in you as a person, they are less interested in just another real estate company

💡 I recommend using a casual yet professional photo — not completely a serious headshot but not a selfie either. See examples below.


Here’s a template to use when writing your bio:

💬What you do/who you are

💬Where you do it

💬Add some personality

💬What should the reader do – have a call-to-action, INVITE them to reach out to you & tell them how to best reach you

🏠 Helping you sell for top dollar & move into your dream home ✨
📍 Tampa, Florida
📲 DM me your real estate questions!

Realtor® with Brokerage ABC in Tampa, Florida

💡 Don’t make it too long, keep it simple! Your contact information isn’t necessary if you have a “Contact” button on your Instagram


On Instagram, you have two names: your username and your display name (Our username is @coffeecontracts and our display name is Coffee & Contracts Marketing)

Your username should be something that describes you, is catchy, easy to read and not too long (@yournamerealtor @yournamehomes @yourstaterealtor)

Your display name should have your location and your profession if you have room

So if your name is Stacy Smith and you serve Tampa, Florida I would do: Stacy Smith – Tampa Realtor

Now, when people search “Tampa Realtor” Stacy would be one of the first users to come up

And when people search for Stacy, she will still come up as well!

💡 Avoid using numbers in your username, this can come across as spam or a fake account!


Your highlight covers should be organized and have a cover photo on them – PS Coffee & Contracts members have access to both text highlight covers and icon highlight covers!

It doesn’t matter which style you choose, but it’s a great way to incorporate your brand colors or fonts and make everything look in sync!

💡 Your highlights are also a great tool to introduce yourself to your followers – just think of it as your website pages. You can do highlights for About, Testimonials, Listings, Behind the Scenes – etc