Welcome to Coffee & Contracts!

We are so excited that you have joined our community! As a member, you now have access to hundreds of images, captions, Canva templates, and so much more. The Member’s Dashboard is where you will find all of the incredible content included in your membership.

Each month we add a new content calendar full of customizable image options and captions; two new blog posts; and bonus materials such as Instagram stories, marketing guides, postcards, video scripts, and more.

We update the content calendar each month, typically one week before the first of the month, so that you have time to schedule the month out in advance if you choose. We add the rest of the content on the first of the month.

We keep 6 months worth of content calendars on the website before they are removed, so you can go back and use content from previous months if you choose.

With so much content being thrown at you right away, we understand it can be a bit overwhelming, so we created this step-by-step guide to help you get started with your membership!

1. Join the Members-Only Facebook Group

If you have not already, be sure to join the Members-Only Facebook Group to get the most out of our membership. Referrals, tips, knowledge, and help are constantly being shared in this group of over 1,000 amazing agents from all over.

2. Log in and Check out the Dashboard

Our Dashboard is divided into four sections: Social Media Posts, Branding, Printables, and Extras.

Social Media Content: This is the most frequently visited section because this is where you can grab an image and caption to post to social media on the fly. This is where you’ll find all things social media: the Content Calendar, Images, Captions, New Listing Posts, Open House Posts, Stories, Blog Posts, Video Scripts, and more!

Branding: This is where you will find the tools you need to get your branding in check. Unlike the Social Media Content section, you won’t need to be utilizing the content in here every day. In this section, we have our Branding Kits / Logos, Facebook Cover Photos, Instagram Highlight Covers, and Email Signatures.

Printables: In this section, you’ll find all of our printable or downloadable marketing materials. We have everything from Seller/Buyer/FSBO/Expired Guides, to Business Cards, Checklist, and more.

Tutorials: Here you will find some bonus tutorials and information exclusively for members.

3. Set up a Branding Kit

If you’re not sure where to begin, we recommend starting in the Branding section. Here you can establish your go-to colors, fonts, and logo that you will use as you customize all of the content in the toolkit. Setting up your brand fonts and color schemes will help you to implement your branding across all of your graphics, printables, and marketing materials.