Use the viral power of humor in marketing.

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The Broke Agent has teamed up with Coffee & Contracts to provide exclusive Broke Agent content that you can customize in Canva.

Become a Coffee & Contracts member to get access to monthly posts created by The Broke Agent in addition to the entire Coffee & Contracts platform and community!

Use the code “BROKE” at checkout for $15 off of your first charge!

What's included in the Coffee & Contracts Membership?

  • Access to our Member's Only Facebook Group
  • Monthly content calendars
  • Social media post templates
  • Instagram captions
  • Story templates
  • Blog posts
  • Email newsletters
  • Reel templates/ideas
  • The Broke Agent social media templates
  • Video scripts
  • Facebook cover photos
  • Instagram highlight covers
  • Branding photo guides
  • Branding kit templates
  • Logo templates
  • Listing presentation
  • Under contract checklist
  • Lender questionnaire
  • Listing flyers
  • Home buyer questionnaire
  • Staging guide
  • Sellers guide
  • Buyers guide
  • 90 Days to Homeowner Challenge
  • Investing guide
  • Rent vs. buy guide
  • Expired listing packet
  • FSBO guide
  • New construction guide
  • Home maintenance checklists
  • Postcards
  • ...and more!

We help you stay top of mind with funny & timely content added every month.

When you sign up you don’t just get the Broke Agent content,
you get everything included in the Coffee & Contracts membership.
including access to an exclusive Facebook community with over 3,000 agents!

Instant Access to Thousands of Templates

Join our community for access to a VIP Facebook Group as well as thousands of valuable templates and resources.

Don’t just take our word for it…

I had been keeping my eye on C&C for a while but when I saw an ad that The Broke Agent content was also available with the package…well that was it. Had to have you. No more thinking about it. You both suit my personality so very well. I save the BA content for my Insta stories and it works perfectly there. Kind of a glimpse of my “other side,” Love love love all of it!

Lisa Medley


C&C has enormously helped my business because of the TIME I have! Before C&C, I was making everything in Canva and honestly was very comfortable with it, and I think I was making solid content. The problem is, I was spending WAY too long on templates and captions and trying to think of creative things to post. I was losing time I could have been prospecting, and when my deals got busy my social media lacked. C&C allows me to keep my business going smoothly AND have a beautiful, interactive, informational, and authentic social media page.

Kendall Burt


The instagram stories are brilliant! It’s so important to have engaging content in stories. So much of my content is personal or behind the scenes in my stories. I love that the C&C stories give me a chance to drop in valuable real estate information that my followers can interact with. I love the monthly content ideas that spark my creativity. The perfect example of how collaboration can help you grow!

Kat West


Have Questions?

Will this post on my social media account automatically?

Consider us to be your new marketing mentor-- we do not post for you but we empower you with the tools you need to own your social media accounts. We’re here to help you add your own personality to posts, brand your business, and connect with people online. We want you to take ownership of your online presence so we put the power tools in your hands.

The only way you'll see real growth and lead generation on social media is by showing up authentically on social media. We give you the tools you need to show up confidentally on social media so you can see real results.

Is there a free trial or demo?

Due to the digital nature of our products, we do not offer a free trial of our membership at this time. However, we do have a Free Sample Toolkit so that you can try out some of the different content provided in our membership. Access this here.

What if someone else in my market uses C&C?

Dr. Suess answers this question best: ‘Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.’

All of our content is fully customizable and we encourage you to make it your own. In Canva, you can drop your own photos into the background, change the wording, change the colors, etc.

Also, keep in mind that your potential clients and ideal customers do not follow all of the real estate agents that you do.

With access to thousands of unique templates, you can always find something fresh to post and add your unique spin on.

Is there a contract or can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely! We hate to see you go but you can cancel easily. You will have access to your account for the remainder of your membership period, and it will expire on your re-bill date.

You can always find the "Cancel Membership" page at the bottom footer of the website.

Will this work for other countries like the UK, Canada, Australia?

While our content is created around US Holidays and curated for US-based residential real estate agents, it is often used by members in other countries as well. Everything we create is completely customizable in Canva, so you will still get some great value out of the designs, images, and ideas we produce. (Plus not as many people in your area use our service – so that's a great plus!)

How does it work?

1. Explore Membership Options

Choose between a single-user or a multi-user membership. Choose your recurring option: monthly, semi-annual, or annual.

2. Seal the Deal

Commitment doesn’t have to be scary – which is why we allow our members to cancel anytime. We’re ready to partner with you to make you stand out in a sea of competitors.

3. Gain Access

You’re in! Get logged in and start exploring hundreds of your new templates, images, and captions.

4. Start Killing it Online

Your marketing database is ready to use instantly. Start customizing your digital resources, getting your branding in check, and generating new leads!

How often and when do you release new content?

Content Calendar: One week before a new month begins (on the first business day).

Quarterly Branding Photo Guide: On the 15th of the month before the new quarter. (for Quarter 1, this is released December 15th)

Everything else: Added on the 1st of each month.

Will this content work for another industry like lenders, title, insurance, or commercial?

While our content is created mostly for residential real estate agents, it is often used by members in other industries as well. Everything we create is completely customizable in Canva, so you will still get some great value out of the designs, images, and ideas we produce. (Plus not as many people in your industry use our service – so that's a great plus!)

Thrive online & attract new leads today!

Ready to become the go-to local agent on social media? Here’s a glimpse of what you instantly unlock with our membership…


Each month we update the content calendar with a new social media post for every day of the month, plus lots of bonus material to keep your social accounts fresh and engaging.


Screw the boring script, our words are strategically written to help you engage with your people, get personal with followers, and turn those followers into devoted clients. We have 180+ engaging captions waiting for you to copy and paste.


Our stunning images and graphics are already loaded in Canva, ready for you to customize. We’ve tested these images so we know they’re ready to attract the clients you’re looking for.


We won’t lie – our story posts are pretty genius (and so much fun!) We’ll fill your tank with quizzes to help you capture leads, interactive questions, and crisp market and listing updates.


Struggling to do more video marketing? Use our scripts and tweak them to fit your needs! All you have to do is hit record and watch the magic happen.


Timeless, clean, and ready-to-go. We have guides for your home buyers, sellers, expired listing prospects, for sale by owners, renters, and more. All completely customizable to fit your brand in Canva.

Never come up with content from scratch again

We’ll let our members do the talking

Swipe through these screenshots from our community 😍

We'd love to have you!

Ready to become the go-to agent on social media? Come on in!