Here you will find a suggested social media post for each day of the month. You can open multiple images at once through the links to the right, or you can open individual images through the link on the post. Customize the post with your brand colors, fonts, and images. We have suggested images in italics under the title of the post.

1 – Quarter 4

You writing in a journal or planner

2 – October Local Events

You at a pumpkin patch or with a pumpkin

3A – Decorating Tips for Halloween

You decorating for Halloween

3b – 90 Days Left in 2021!
Lifestyle photo of you working

4 – National Taco Day

Your favorite local tacos, or you at the restaurant/location

5 – I helped this client “fall” for their new home

You opening a door; holding keys

6 – Prepping your home for market

Lifestyle photo, Putting a for sale sign in

7 – How I prep my home buyers

Lifestyle photo

8 – The Average Costs for Popular Renovations

You in a kitchen; you with a hammer

9 – Fall this or that

You with fall decor

10 – Investing 101: Buying a Home vs. Buying a fancy car

You with money; you with a calculator

11 – Monday Market Update

Lifestyle photo; you in a popular local spot

12 – How does it work? Purchasing a lot to build a new construction home on

Lifestyle photo with a new construction hat

13 – “I want to sell my home but ______”

Lifestyle photo, you with a “Sold” rider

14 – Tips for a less stressful move

You with moving boxes or a clipboard

15 – All About Inspections

Lifestyle photo of you with a clipboard

16 – Happy Boss’s Day

Lifestyle photo, “Boss Day” vibes

17 – Home Shopping Horoscopes

Lifestyle Photo

18 – Monday Motivation

You working at desk 

19 – I want to prepare to buy my first home… what should I do?

Lifestyle photo, you with keys standing in a doorway

20 – How I help my clients give their buyers less stress

Lifestyle photo of you smiling

21 – Investing 101: Buying a Home vs. Stocks

You typing on a calculator

22 – Your Questions About Selling: Answered

Lifestyle photo, you with your SOLD rider

23 – Ask me for a list of open houses

Lifestyle photo; you at an open house

24 – The Psychology of Selling

You lighting a candle, you pointing at your brain

25 – What to pay attention to when home shopping

 You on the computer, you holding a magnifying glass up to computer

26 – Fall 2021 Home Trends 

You sitting on a kitchen island, you lounging in a nicely decorated home

27 – What did you want to be when you “grew up?”

Lifestyle photo, you smiling 

28 – Should I wait until the holidays are over to sell? Pros/cons

Lifestyle photo, you scratching your chin

29 – Halloween Weekend at Home

You with your favorite Halloween candy, or in front of your decor

30 – Candy Corn DIY Project(s)

You with candy corn

31 – Happy Halloween!

You “trick-or-treating”, You in your halloween costume