Here you will find a suggested social media post for each day of the month. You can open multiple images at once through the links to the right, or you can open individual images through the link on the post. Customize the post with your brand colors, fonts, and images. We have suggested images in italics under the title of the post.

1 – 60 Days Left in 2021!

You with a planner or calendar

2 – Thankful for You!

You writing in a thank you card

3 – If you learn nothing else from my page, know these things…

Photo of you, arms crossed

4 – Prepping Your Home for Winter

You throwing a blanket on the couch

5 – Frequently Asked Fridays: What happens at the final walk through?

Lifestyle photo, with a clipboard

6 – Your Favorite Room

You in your favorite room

7 – From Consult to Close: Selling Side

Lifestyle photo, with coffee and a notepad like a consultation

8 – 3 Lessons I’ve Learned as an Agent

Lifestyle photo

9 – Things I as a Realtor can help you with – for FREE!

Lifestyle Photo

10 – How should I prepare my house before selling it?

You “prepping” a home for sale

11A – Veteran’s Day

You with a flag

11B – From Consult to Close: Buying Side

Lifestyle photo, with coffee and a notepad like a consultation

12 – National Happy Hour Day

You at your favorite Happy Hour spot

13 – World Kindess Day

You making a heart with your hands, you smiling

14 – Fall Backyard Essentials

Photo of you in a backyard seating area or by a fire pit

15 – The Difference: Easy vs Simple

Lifestyle Photo

16 – What a buyer consultation with me looks like

Lifestyle photo, with coffee and a notepad like a consultation

17 – When is the best time of year to buy, and the best to sell?

You “thinking”, looking at a clock, lifestyle photo

18 – Preparing your Home for Guests for the Holidays

You arranging decor

19 – FAF: Should I list my home or rent it out?

You “weighing” two options

20 – Thanksgiving Home Decor Checklist

Arranging thanksgiving decor

21 – Market Update Template

Lifestyle photo, you working

22 – Unpopular Opinion

You with something that’s an unpopular opinion (like pineapple pizza) or just making a yikes face!

23 – Necessities for your Thanksgiving Tablescape

Arranging a tablescape

24 – It takes a team! Here’s a look at our behind the scenes team

If you don’t have anyone, use the last slides and talk about who helps at your brokerage

25 – Thanksgiving

You with someone or something you’re thankful for 

26 – Black Friday: How to avoid discounting your home

You ripping a “Sale” Tag

27 – Small Business Saturday

You with shopping bags

28A – Hanukkah Begins

Holiday Lifestyle photo of you or the family in your holiday accessories/outfit

28B – How long does it take to buy a home?

Lifestyle photo, you holding a key

29 – Cyber Monday: Gift Ideas for the New Homeowners

You wrapping gifts, you with gifts

30 – Giving Tuesday

You with boxes to donate, or a local donation center