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1 – 60 Days Left in 2021!

You with a planner or calendar

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”The countdown is on — only 60 days left in 2021!

That means you got just 60 mornin’ cups of Joe to pull off the holidays AND get after those pesky goals still hanging around the bottom of your 2021 to-dos.

The good news is if those goals have ANYTHING at all to do with real estate, I’m here to help!

Wanna buy, sell, or create a step-by-step plan to do so before the end of the year? DM me right now, and let’s get after it together!

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2 – Thankful for You!

You writing in a thank you card

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”It’s November, and even though it’s a lot cliche and a little early, I can’t let one more day go by without thanking YOU — my followers, past clients, soon-to-be clients, friends, mentors, and family who have supported and encouraged me on my professional real estate journey.

I love being a real estate agent. But what I love even more is the people I meet along the way — people just like YOU.

So right at the start of this month of gratitude, please hear my sincerest thanks and warmest regard. YOU make my every day an absolute joy!
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3 – If you learn nothing else from my page, know these things…

Photo of you, arms crossed

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”If you remember nothing else from my page, I hope you’ll remember these 3 things:

YOU can achieve your dreams of owning a home — no matter your circumstances.
YOU can find a home that exceeds your expectations — it just takes patience and know-how.
YOU can have an easy and enjoyable experience buying or selling a home — so long as you have the right agent.

Oh, and one more thing: This is YOUR real estate story, and no one else’s. Don’t let anyone pressure you into anything before you feel 100% ready. The second you feel it, it’s time to move on and find someone else to help you find your happily ever after.

If you or someone you know is looking for an agent they can trust, I’d love to connect. DM me and I’ll be in touch.

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4 – Prepping Your Home for Winter

You throwing a blanket on the couch

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”If lazy days and naps by the fire are part of your winter plans, you need to make sure your home is ready for the winter weather. Get your home tucked-in tight for the chilly days ahead with these winter prep tips.

Examine your pipes. Make sure exterior pipes are insulated and caulked. Insulation and caulk are way less expensive than burst pipes.
Clean out your gutters. Prevent snow and ice damage and keep critters from building nests by cleaning out gutters before the cold weather arrives.
Feel for drafts around doors and windows. Gaps will surely run up your heating bill. An easy DIY solution? New weatherstripping.
Service the furnace. Schedule a maintenance check now so your furnace is ready for the prime time of winter.
Be prepared for ice. Salt increases traction and accelerates melting so have it on hand to head off sidewalk accidents.

This winter, keep the cold outside where it belongs. Thinking of buying or selling early in 2022? Reach out and let’s put together a timeline now to keep everything simple and stress-free!

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5 – Frequently Asked Fridays: What happens at the final walk through?

Lifestyle photo, with a clipboard

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”You’re so amped up you can hardly stand it. Why? Today is the final walkthrough of your soon-to-be home sweet home.

Here’s what you can expect as you take one last look at your home before signing on the dotted line.

The walkthrough is your final opportunity to ensure your new home is in the same or better condition than it was the last time you toured it.
You and your agent will be there to confirm that all your agreed-upon repairs are complete or nearing completion.
Feel free to take notes and photos during the walkthrough to document your home’s condition. They may come in handy if you need to follow up with your seller about any last-minute details.
While in the home, test all light fixtures, appliances, garage doors, garbage disposals, and faucets. Run the HVAC to check for warm and cool air.
A thorough inspection of the home’s exterior is just as important as the interior, so be sure to walk around the outside.

In all the excitement, don’t rush through your walkthrough. Plan for it to take several hours and listen to your agent’s feedback and recommendations — doing so will help you avoid costly repairs and surprises after you unload the moving truck.

If you or someone you know is looking for a new place to call home, DM me today. I’d love to connect!

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6 – Your Favorite Room

You in your favorite room

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”Call me Nosey Rosey, but I’d love to know — what’s your favorite room in your home, and what do you love doing there? I’ll go first!

Here’s mine:

Is yours the same or do you adore some other room? Comment below!
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7 – From Consult to Close: Selling Side

Lifestyle photo, with coffee and a notepad like a consultation

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”Wrestled long and hard and finally decided to sell? Here’s what you can expect when you partner with me to sell your home:

Text, phone, DM, email — however you want to connect, you’ll get ME every single time.
You’ll receive access to my library of seller resources that includes checklists, assessments, timelines, and FAQs. You’ll never have to wonder where you are in the process or what’s next.
You get one shot to make a killer impression. That’s why I use a professional real estate photographer to photograph your home. As a seller, you’ll get stunning images that will set your home apart from the rest.
My long tenure in *name of your town* means you can relax, enjoy the process, and feel confident about your decision to sell.
Long after closing, I’ll be here to field your questions or help you meet your next real estate goals.

Ready to partner and get your home sold? DM me today, and I’ll be in touch!

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8 – 3 Lessons I’ve Learned as an Agent

Lifestyle photo

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”After being in real estate for a bit now, I’ve learned a TON about the housing market, investment strategies, contingencies, and inflation — but I’ve learned even more about myself and working with others. Here are 3 of my top takeaways at this point in my career:

Most people are trustworthy.
Knowing when to speak and when to listen is a highly valuable skill that can be learned.
Kindness will take you farther than professional know-how.

What’s a lesson you’ve learned recently in your career?

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9 – Things I as a Realtor can help you with – for FREE!

Lifestyle Photo

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”Who says there’s no such thing as free anymore? As a realtor, here are four services I provide buyers totally, 100%, absolutely FREE!

Finding homes that meet a buyer’s specified criteria
Setting up automatic email notifications for listings that come on the market
Answering any and all questions about the buying process or specifics about a property on the MLS
Recommending reputable resources in our area including lenders, inspectors, repairmen, title companies, and more.
Answering any and all questions about the selling process and preparing your home for the market.
Helping you determine your home value with a free Comparative Market Analysis.

If you need any one of these services, DM me today. I’d love to help you and your family however I can.

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10 – How should I prepare my house before selling it?

You “prepping” a home for sale

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”If you’ve decided it’s time to sell, but you’re not sure what to do to get your home ready, this post is for you! Ask yourself these questions to gauge how close you are to sticking that for sale sign in the yard.

YES or NO?

Your walls, doors, and trim are clean and have been painted in the past several years. Bonus points if the walls are neutral shades of gray, white, tan, and beige.
Your home is free of clutter and knick-knacks. Translation? You can open any drawer or closet with no apprehension or grimace.
Your home’s major systems (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roof, and foundation) are in good condition. And the minor issues that need attention are being addressed.
Your outdoor areas are clear, swept, and free of cobwebs, leaves, and nuisance insects. If not, you can knock this out in just a few hours one weekend!

If answered YES to most of these statements, you’re in a great place. DM me, and let’s chat about getting your home out there for buyers!

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11A – Veteran’s Day

You with a flag

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”To our nation’s past and present service members — there’s no way to adequately thank you for everything you sacrificed for our freedom, but on Veterans Day, we certainly should try. Thank you for your service — we honor you today and every day.” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ hover_enabled=”0″ locked=”off” sticky_enabled=”0″][/cch_instagram_caption]

11B – From Consult to Close: Buying Side

Lifestyle photo, with coffee and a notepad like a consultation

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”Realtors help people buy and sell homes…it’s what they do. But every agent has their own secret sauce! What’s mine, you ask? Here you go! From consult to close, here’s what you can expect when you work with me to buy a home:

*Share 4-5 benefits buyers receive when they work with you. Examples:

• Text, phone, DM, email — however you want to connect, it’ll be me you get every single time.
• Confidently lean on my *number of years* experience in *name of your town,* so you can enjoy the process and feel sure about your home buying decision.
• Long after closing, I’ll be here to help you navigate life in your new home (or new town!), answer questions, or grab a cup of coffee! New clients = new friends!*

When you’re ready to buy, you need an agent that “fits.” If what I shared hits home, let’s connect! DM me today.

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12 – National Happy Hour Day

You at your favorite Happy Hour spot

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”It’s not too late to get in on National Happy Hour Day. But you better hurry, it’s TODAY! To give your plans a boost (you’re welcome!), I’m sharing 5 of my favorite local watering holes.

*Share 5 local happy hour spots and details about any specials they’re running.*

Got a favorite I didn’t mention? Share below — maybe I’ll see you there!
” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ hover_enabled=”0″ sticky_enabled=”0″][/cch_instagram_caption]

13 – World Kindess Day

You making a heart with your hands, you smiling

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”“Never be so busy as not think of others.” – Mother Teresa

Today is World Kindness Day. Will you join me today in sharing a smile, lending a hand, or meeting a need as opportunities arise? My heart is open and my eyes are looking! May we never be too busy to truly see the needs around us.
” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ hover_enabled=”0″ locked=”off” sticky_enabled=”0″][/cch_instagram_caption]

14 – Fall Backyard Essentials

Photo of you in a backyard seating area or by a fire pit

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”Alright, you only get to choose three! What’s your choice? Comment below!

**Optional Photo Credit**
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15 – The Difference: Easy vs Simple

Lifestyle Photo

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”While buying and selling a home isn’t EASY, I work hard to make it SIMPLE for my clients. Here’s how I break down the process for my five-star clients.

I provide step-by-step checklists tailored to their situation with clear, actionable steps that we work through together.
I help them gain clarity about what they need with diagnostic assessments and strategic printables.
I send weekly updates, frequently make sure we’re on the same page, and make myself accessible by phone, text, or in-person.

Favorite resources for buyers: My FAQ Packet and First-Time Homebuyers Checklist.
Favorite resources for sellers: My Seller-Under-Contract Timeline and Preparing for Your Listing Photoshoot Checklist.

Like to see one (or all!) of these? Drop me a message with your phone or email, and I’ll zip it over.

**Optional Photo Credit**
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16 – What a buyer consultation with me looks like

Lifestyle photo, with coffee and a notepad like a consultation

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”A buyer consultant may seem like a run-of-the-mill part of the buying process, but it’s critical to a buyer’s success and satisfaction.

Quick heads up — not all buyer consults are the same. Here’s what one looks like with me whether you’re a first-time buyer or seasoned homeowner:

Know exactly what you’re looking for? Bed/bath count, yard, garage, neighborhood, etc.? Awesome! You’re a step ahead! Not quite as sure? No worries. We’ll have a thorough chat about your needs and wants so we both leave with your list of must-haves that will guide your home search.
Next, we’ll run the numbers inside and settle on your price range. There’s nothing more burdensome to homeowners than overpaying for a home so rest assured, I won’t let that happen.
No need to become a neighborhood expert — that’s my job! After discussing your wants, we’ll discuss neighborhoods to zero in on where you’d like to call home.
Before we part ways, we’ll land on a timeline that works for you — you tell me when you want to be in your new home, and I’ll make it happen.

It’s called a buyer consult, but it’s really a dream session! If you’re ready for yours, send me a DM, and I’ll be in touch.

**Optional Photo Credit**
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17 – When is the best time of year to buy, and the best to sell?

You “thinking”, looking at a clock, lifestyle photo

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”Two questions compete for first place in my inbox week after week:

When is the best time of year to buy?
When is the best time of year to sell?

The answer to both is the same — the best time to buy or sell is when YOU ARE READY!

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, I’m here to help you realize your real estate goals. Sure, we’ll take advantage of various tips, tricks, and strategies depending on the time of year, but there’s never a “bad” time to buy or sell — so long as you know in your mind and heart, %22It’s time!%22

**Optional Photo Credit**
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18 – Preparing your Home for Guests for the Holidays

You arranging decor

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”It’s holiday go-time, friends! Are you ready?

Because I want you to be ready for all your planned (and ahem, unplanned) guests this holiday season, here are a few tips to get your home ready:

Clean out your guest room closet to make room for your guests’ clothes, luggage, and gifts.
Purchase or refresh your guest towels, organize bathroom cabinets, and stock the bath with toothpaste, toilet paper, and hand soap.
Get your guest bedroom in good shape. Think linens, lighting, and extras like phone chargers.
Update your guest bedroom photos, and if applicable, include photos of your guests to make them feel at home.
Create a coffee station (in-room if possible) so your guests can grab a cup of coffee no matter how early they wake.
Purchase extra dishes, cups, mugs, and stools so you can easily gather around the table to share holiday goodies.

Welcoming guests into your home during the holidays is one of the joys of the season but only if you’re prepared! Take steps now so you can enjoy all the visits — planned and spontaneous!

Photo: @girlsatflourish
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19 – FAF: Should I list my home or rent it out?

You “weighing” two options

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”You ARE sure it’s time to move, but you ARE NOT sure if you should sell or rent out your home. It’s a great question — good thing I’m here to answer (wink)!

It makes sense to sell if:

There’s a high demand for homes in your neighborhood.
Your home needs a lot of repairs and updates before it will be appealing to renters.
You live in an area that isn’t enticing to renters.
You don’t have the time, energy, or know-how to be a landlord.

On the other hand, renting might be the way to go if:

You owe more on your home than you can sell it for. By renting it out, you can cover the mortgage with rental income.
The housing market is weak in your area, and you’d prefer to sell after the market picks up a bit.
You’re willing to learn the ins and outs of being a landlord and excited about transforming your home into a financial asset.

Still have questions? Don’t go it alone. Talk with an agent who knows your area’s rental and housing market. Need an agent like that? DM me! I’d love to help.

**Optional Photo Credit**
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20 – Thanksgiving Home Decor Checklist

Arranging thanksgiving decor

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”Wow your holiday guests and surround your scrumptious spread with these top Thanksgiving decorations:

Give Thanks banner
Array of chalk painted pumpkins
Gratitude tree with acorn “leaves”
Pumpkin topiaries
Buffalo check tablecloths, runners, place cards, ribbons (no such thing as too much buffalo check!)
Vintage cake stands
Fall or pumpkin-themed welcome doormat
Chunky knit blankets (for post-meal naps)
Autumn-themed tea towels and hand soaps for guest bath
And last but not least – Your kid’s adorbs turkey crafts

Thanksgiving is gonna be here so soon — best be getting ready. Rest assured, I’ll be doin’ the same!

**Optional Photo Credit**
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21 – Market Update Template

Lifestyle photo, you working

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”As we put the finishing touches on 2021, you may be wondering what’s going on in your neighborhood and what’s right to expect in the next six months.

While I don’t have a crystal ball (wouldn’t THAT be amazing), I do have a little insider info about what’s happening in real estate in *NAME OF TOWN/COMMUNITY/NEIGHBORHOOD*.⁣ Take a look and let me know if you have questions about what it would look like for you to buy or sell in the next six months.

*List 2-3 market trends about home sales, interest rates, inventory, etc.*⁣

Send me a DM. I’d love to chat and answer any questions you have!

**Optional Photo Credit**
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22 – Unpopular Opinion

You with something that’s an unpopular opinion (like pineapple pizza) or just making a yikes face!

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”Unpopular opinion #1: *Share an unpopular opinion like: Pineapple DOES NOT belong on pizza./Coffee tastes better black./Friends isn’t that funny and is the most overrated TV show ever./Fries with mayo are superior to fries with ketchup./Paper straws are the worst.*

Unpopular opinion #2: Now may NOT be the right time for you to buy or sell. (Gosh…am I even allowed to say that as a realtor?)

Yes! Here’s why:

I adore my job and love earning commissions, but no matter what, I’ll always do what’s best for my clients — even if that means telling them now is not the right time for them to buy or sell. My buyers and sellers will get expert guidance but they won’t get an ounce of pressure from me — ever.

If you partner with me to buy or sell a home, you can have full confidence that I’ll be honest with you from the start, no matter what. Like to connect? Send me a DM, and I’ll be in touch.

**Optional Photo Credit**
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23 – Necessities for your Thanksgiving Tablescape

Arranging a tablescape

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”Hosting THE biggest meal of the year? Here’s what you need to create a Thanksgiving tablescape that will have your guests ’oohing and aahing.

Start with a large enough table and seating for all your guests. Get creative if you have to by pulling tables together or transforming the living room into the dining room.
Choose a tablecloth, runner, or placemats. Stores like Target, Walmart, Marshalls, and Homegoods have a fabulous selection this time of year.
Design a festive fall centerpiece. Chances are you have items around your own house (or your neighbors) for a stunning centerpiece — think tree branches, tiny pumpkins, fresh fruit, and flowers like roses or carnations.
Beautify the table with items like unscented candles and candlesticks, cloth napkins, and holiday place cards.
Let your food double as decor — of course it tastes delicious, but it’s beautiful too!

Creating a Thanksgiving tablescape doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Play around with what you have at home and soon you’ll have a one-of-a-kind setting for your holiday meal.

Photo: @girlsatflourish
Stylist: @rosewoodandivey” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ hover_enabled=”0″ locked=”off” sticky_enabled=”0″][/cch_instagram_caption]

24 – It takes a team! Here’s a look at our behind the scenes team

If you don’t have anyone, use the last slides and talk about who helps at your brokerage

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”Meet *name of team member* — my dear friend and *position title.*

*First name of team member:*
List 3-4 responsibilities he/she has in the office.
List 3-4 responsibilities he/she has in the office.
List 3-4 responsibilities he/she has in the office.

With contagious positive energy and superior organizational skills, *first name of team member* keeps ME smiling and everything in the office humming right along.

If you get the joy of working with *first name of team member* (and I hope you do!), you’ll see one of my favorite things about my job — the incredible people I get to work with! Thank you, *first name of team member*, for all you do!
” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ hover_enabled=”0″ sticky_enabled=”0″][/cch_instagram_caption]

25 – Thanksgiving

You with someone or something you’re thankful for 

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”All year long, but especially on days like today, I’m grateful for wonderful clients like you!

Happy ThanksgivingI hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with the people you love.

Photo: @girlsatflourish
Stylist: @rosewoodandivey” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ hover_enabled=”0″ locked=”off” sticky_enabled=”0″][/cch_instagram_caption]

26 – Black Friday: How to avoid discounting your home

You ripping a “Sale” Tag

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”One place you don’t want to see Black Friday-like deals is when selling your home. So if you’re thinking of listing to sell early in 2022, don’t leave thousands on the table that should be in your pocket.

Work with a reputable real estate professional who knows your neighborhood, understands the changing market, and utilizes a variety of tools and strategies to price your home at top dollar.

Looking for an agent like that? I’d love to help! Send me a message and let’s chat.” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ hover_enabled=”0″ locked=”off” sticky_enabled=”0″][/cch_instagram_caption]

27 – Small Business Saturday

You with shopping bags

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”Pull out your holiday shopping list and put on your tennies, folks — it’s Small Business Saturday! And whatever you do, don’t miss these local small businesses I simply adore!

*Share 4-5 local small businesses and what you like about them (or any Small Business Saturday specials they are running).*

Got a favorite I didn’t mention? Drop it in the comments below — let’s spread the love and shop local this holiday season!” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ hover_enabled=”0″ sticky_enabled=”0″][/cch_instagram_caption]

28A – Hanukkah Begins

Holiday Lifestyle photo of you or the family in your holiday accessories/outfit

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”Warm wishes to all my friends celebrating Hanukkah this holiday season. May the Festival of Lights bring you and those you love courage, hope, and peace!” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ hover_enabled=”0″ locked=”off” sticky_enabled=”0″][/cch_instagram_caption]

28B – How long does it take to buy a home?

Lifestyle photo, you holding a key

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”Q: How long does it take to buy a home?
A: It takes 4 ½ months, on average, to find a home, plus 30-45 days to close once you’re under contract.

The timeline can vary widely, however, based on your urgency, the time of year, financing needs, and current inventory.

I’ve had buyers find a home and move in 30 days, and others who I’ve worked with for years to find just the right place to call home. If you’re looking to buy, I’m here to make your timeline my timeline.

Unsure about your next step? DM me, and let’s connect. I look forward to hearing from you!

**Optional Photo Credit**
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29 – Cyber Monday: Gift Ideas for the New Homeowners

You wrapping gifts, you with gifts

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”Got a “green” homeowner on your shopping list? Take advantage of Cyber Monday to score a housewarming gift they’ll love! To jump-start your search, here’s my personal list of gifts for new homeowners:

A personalized welcome mat.
A pizza baking stone (bonus if you give it with a pipin’ hot pizza!).
A wifi password display sign.
A wine caddy with a bottle of wine, of course!
A “new home” holiday ornament.
Gift cards to home improvement stores or local take-out spots.
A luxury hand soap and lotion set.
Personalized items with the happy homeowner’s new address. Think stationery, address labels, a wall plaque, a zip code pillow (LOVE!), or an engraved cutting board.
State or area-themed gifts — ideal for new-to-the-area friends.

Ever received an unforgettable housewarming gift? Have a go-to gift for homeowners that’s a slam dunk every time? Share below!

Photo: @girlsatflourish
Stylist: @rosewoodandivey” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ hover_enabled=”0″ sticky_enabled=”0″][/cch_instagram_caption]

30 – Giving Tuesday

You with boxes to donate, or a local donation center

[cch_instagram_caption caption=”Cleaning out and making room for guests and gifts this holiday season? High-five – me too! After all, December is all about giving and sharing with family, friends, and those in our area who could use a helping hand.

My guiding principle when cleaning out a closet? If I haven’t used it, worn it, or needed it in 12 months, it’s gotta go. If the item is in good, used condition, to a donation center it goes. But if it’s worn out, has holes, or is totally out of style, I’ll toss it.

Got a pile to donate like I do? Here are a few local places I trust to make the most of our donations:

*List 3-4 local charities or thrift stores that accept donations. Give a few details about what they accept and how to make a donation.*

Happy holidays, friends — and happy giving!” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ hover_enabled=”0″ locked=”off” sticky_enabled=”0″][/cch_instagram_caption]