Here you will find a suggested social media post for each day of the month. You can open multiple images at once through the links to the right, or you can open individual images through the link on the post. Customize the post with your brand colors, fonts, and images. We have suggested images in italics under the title of the post.

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1 – Preparing for Home Ownership

You holding out the home buyer guide or FAQ, you opening a door

2 – Q&A Get to Know Me

You sipping from a mug, lifestyle shot

3 – What are your three must-haves in a home?

You holding up 3 fingers

4 – Testimonial

Lifestyle photo, photo of you with clients

5 – 5 Types of Mortgage Loans for Homebuyers

You working, typing in a calculator

6 – Why you should never waive the home inspection

You holding an inspection report

7 – 2021 Design Trends: Pampas Grass

You sprucing a vase with Pampas Grass

8 – Rainy Day Home Activities

You with an umbrella

9 – Mother’s Day

You with someone you think of when you think of Mother’s Day

10 – Seller tip: What will you miss most about your home?

You putting a SOLD rider on a for sale sign, you putting out flyers at a listing

11 – Market Value VS. Appraised Value

Lifestyle photo of you working

12 – Bold design ideas for small bathrooms

Photo of a small powder bath, you in a small bathroom

13 – Selling and Buying Simultaneously

A lifestyle photo of you 

14 – Architecture Trends

You reading an architecture magazine/book, you in front of a neat architecture

15 – Local Guide for Fur-Babies

You with your pet or at a local pet friendly spot

16 – 3 Lessons I’ve Learned from Real Estate

You holding an apple, you with a pool floaty

17 – What’s the #1 thing you want to learn from me about real estate?

You with your sign in a yard

18 – The one thing nobody tells you about selling your home

Lifestyle photo of you

19 – Front porch decorating

You sitting on a porch

20 – Things you can do as a homeowner that you can’t do when renting

You holding out a key

21 – Amazon purchases that make sense for your home

You holding an Amazon box, you shopping on Amazon

22 – Local Weekend To-Do List

You walking through a local downtown area

23 – What it looks like working with me to sell your home

Lifestyle photo of you in a home

24 – “Best” Advice You’ve Gotten (Wrong Answers Only)

You pointing down (comment below)

25 – Moving Hacks

You with boxes

26 – How to “throw” (style) a throw blanket

You styling a throw blanket

27 – Real Estate Dirty Laundry

You with a laundry basket, you folding laundry, you in a cute laundry room

28 – Decorating Kids’ Room

You in a kids’ room or with your kids

29 – Inside Secret – Trader Joe Flowers

You in front of Trader Joes, with flowers, or with a TJ bag

30 – Month in review

You looking victorious, you outside of a property

31 – Memorial Day

You with family – Memorial Day