Here you will find a suggested social media post for each day of the month. You can open multiple images at once through the links to the right, or you can open individual images through the link on the post. Customize the post with your brand colors, fonts, and images. We have suggested images in italics under the title of the post.

1 – Market Update & The Selling Process

Lifestyle photo of you in a nice listing

2 – How to Get your Offer Accepted in Sellers Market

Lifestyle photo, you holding out ten fingers

3 – How I Make Selling Simple

You with checklist, workbook or laptop

4 – Pantry Organizing Tips

You in a pantry, you organizing pantry items

5 – Open House Essentials

You at an open house, you with a letter board that says open house

6 – Moring Routines

You with a cup of coffee; lifestyle photo

7 – Neighborhood Features

You standing or sitting outside of a listing, at the front door, in the yard, or driveway

8 – Questions to ask at your listing appointment

You with your listing presentation or a clipboard

9 – What is an escalation clause?

You holding a printout of an escalation clause or lifestyle photo looking puzzled

10 – How To Price Your Home

You working on a computer, you in a house

11 – DIY Projects with Good ROI

You with a hammer, hard hat, doing a DIY project

12 – Local Business Shout Out

You in a local location (coffee shop, park, restaurant, location attraction)

13 – Summer Backyard Goals

You in a backyard, with summer items (watermelon, lemonade, beach ball, sunglasses and a towel etc)

14 – Moving Purge: How to Decide What to Keep, Sell, or Donate

You with a box full of items or storage bins

15 – The highest offer doesn’t always win

Lifestyle photo of you

16 – MLS Listing Strategies

You on your laptop

17 – Why it Pays to Buy

Lifestyle photo

18 – International Picnic Day

You in a local park, you having a picnic

19a – Juneteenth

19b – Summer Gardening Tips

You in a garden or yard, holding gardening tools

20 – Father’s Day & First Day of Summer

You with someone you think of when you think of Father’s Day

21 – 5 Reasons to move to [City]

Lifestyle Photo, Popular Local Spot

22 – Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

You holding a Maintenance Checklist

23 – Buyer Tip – FSBO

Lifestyle photo

24 – Preparing for your Home’s Photoshoot

Looking at a checklist for preparing for your home’s photoshoot

25a – Pool Homes

Lifestyle photo near a pool, holding towels

25b – National Take Your Dog to Work Day

You with you furry friend

26 – Light Fixture Tips

You in front of a unique or beautiful light fixture

27 – Reminder to Unwind

You doing the thing that relaxes you

28 – [City] Summer Bucket List

Lifestyle photo of you in a local spot

29 – Summer 2021 Interior Design Trends

Lifestyle photo in a nicely designed or staged listing

30 – Curb Appeal Tips

You in a yard or driveway, or near a front porch or mailbox

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