1- 2021 Reflections

You writing in a journal or 2021 planner

2 -Real Estate x COVID Template

You with a mask on, holding out keys or opening a door

3 – Have You Been Working From Home?

You working from home: on the couch, in the kitchen, in your office

4 – First Monday of The Year

Lifestyle photo of you working; a photo of you writing in your calendar

5 -What You Should be Cleaning in Your Home Weekly

You with cleaning supplies

6 – Why Invest in Real Estate?

You holding a key


7 – Interviewing Your Agent

Lifestyle photo of you laughing; working; on phone

8 – Frequently Asked Fridays: Do the Appliances Come With the House?

You sitting on a washing/drying machine

9 – What’s Your Favorite Neighborhood?

Your favorite neighborhood in town

10 – Weekend Agenda of a Realtor

You in your car; You in front of your open house spread (flyers/cookies/water bottles/etc)

11 – Is Now a Good Time to Sell? (Template)

You looking at your watch

12 – 3 Reasons to Buy New Construction 

You with a new construction hard hat

13 – How Do Real Estate Investors Make Money?

You with cash; with a calculator

14- Buying Your First Home in 2021?

You opening a door

15 – FAF: Do I Pay The Buyer’s Agent Commission?

You working, not smiling, thinking

16 – Light Fixtures This or That

Find a good light fixture to use as the first slide under the hashtag #lightfixturegoals and ask the owner for permission to post

17- Thinking About Selling? Reasons to Start Preparing Now

You holding a gift box or bag; placing giYou with a clipboard in a nice listing or arranging decor in a home

18 – Homeowners Share Your First Home buying Experience/ How Did You Know it Was Time to Buy?

You pointing down (to comment below!) or a photo from your first home purchase

19- Testimonial Template

Photo of you smiling at your laptop, or on your phone smiling, photo with the client from testimonial

20 – The Different Types of Real Estate Investments

You in a nice, updated kitchen – sitting on the counter or standing at the island

21 – Did You Know I can Help You Find an Agent Wherever You’re Moving?


22- FAF: If I Can Sell My Home Alone, Why Hire an Agent?

You ripping a FSBO sign or holding a FSBO Guide

23 – What is Your Favorite Room in Your Home?

You in your favorite room of your home

24 -Who Wants to Grab Coffee This Week?

You at a local coffee shop or with your beverage of choice

25- Wallpaper Accent Wall Tips

You in front of a nice wallpaper; find a good wallpaper photo and ask for permission to post under #wallpapergoals

26 -Where’s Your Favorite Place You’ve Lived?

You sitting on a porch; photo of you on a couch relaxing

27- How to Get Started Investing in Real Estate

You with cash; with an envelope; grabbing an envelope out of a mailbox (mailbox money!)

28 – Behind the Scenes in My Day-to-Day

You at your desk, throwing papers in the air; you opening a door as if showing “behind the scenes”

29- FAF: Should I Offer a Home Warranty?

You thinking (scratching chin, shrugging); you writing an offer

30- What are Your Weekend Plans?

What do you do on the weekends? Photo of this

31 – What Are You Reading?

You with a book you’re reading