Real Estate Branding

Branding: the key to setting yourself apart from the competition as a real estate agent.


This page is dedicated to helping you establish your real estate brand. We will walk you through building a consistent & authentic brand and help you to establish your niche.


5 Steps:


1. Download the Branding Workbook


2. Watch the training video


3. Set up your branding kit & logo


4. Schedule your quarterly branding photoshoot and download the Branding Photoshoot Guide


Step 1: Download the Branding Workbook

What’s a good training without a guide to follow along with? Download and print out this workbook, I will be referring to it during the training video.


This workbook will help you to:

  • Establish your niche
  • Establish your brand
  • Determine your content pillars
  • Set up your brand kit
  • Schedule your branding photoshoot

Step 2: Watch the Training Video

We’ll go over


1. How to establish a brand and niche that will set you apart from the competition.

2. How to get consistent with your imagery, style, colors, and fonts to build your brand and trust.

3. How to view your Instagram as a mini-website and use it strategically. Imagery and content are important!

4. Why you should schedule a quarterly brand photo shoot and don’t be afraid to show up on video. Change your mindset and have fun!

Step 3: Create your Brand Kit & Logo

Follow along in your workbook and use the templates below to create your branding kit.

Step 4: Schedule your Quarterly Branding Shoot

Follow along in your workbook to schedule your branding photoshoot, and download the Branding Photo Guide below for the quarter you’ll be shooting for.