Here you will find a suggested social media post for each day of the month. You can open multiple images at once through the links to the right, or you can open individual images through the link on the post. Customize the post with your brand colors, fonts, and images. We have suggested images in italics under the title of the post.
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1 – April Fools

You laughing

2 – FAF: Should I Stage My Home?

You arranging decor, staging a dining table

3 – Are you a homebody?

You curled up on the couch

4 – Easter

You celebrating with family, you holding painted eggs, easter basket, etc.

4a – Testimonial

Photo with your clients or from closing day

5 – 2021 Market Trends

You looking at your phone

6 – House to Home Series 1 – Frame Photos you Love

You hanging a framed photo, you holding out a framed photo

7 – My Listing Expired! Now What?

You holding the expired guide

8 – Fun home activities: Polaroid scavenger hunt

You holding a polaroid camera or disposable camera

9 – A room in my house that needs a refresh is…

You painting a wall, you fluffing a throw pillow

10 – Master Bedroom Must-Haves

You in a nice bedroom

11 – What are you binging on Netflix?

You on the couch, pointing the remote at the television

12 – Creating an Office you LOVE

You in a home office space

13 – House to Home Series – Focus on your floors

You laying down a rug

14 – Should you wait for lower interest rates?

You pointing at your watch

15 – There are No Stupid Questions

You smiling at your desk or with a computer in front of you

16 – I wear a lot of hats…

You wearing a fun hat

17 – Tour of (City)

You in a popular area of your city, leading the way as if giving a tour

18 – Reworking your Kitchen Without a Remodel

You in a nice kitchen

19 – Work From Home
You working in the car, or in a funny location
20 – Decorate with personal items you love

You hanging art on a wall

21 – How to: Style your shelves

You putting decor on a shelf

22 – Earth Day – Home Sustainability

You with a globe, you with a recycling bin

23 – IKEA Scores

You in front of IKEA, with IKEA bag

24 – Local Parks

You at a local park

25 – My WHY Template

Photo of you working; photo of you with family

26 – Can an agent represent both buyer and seller?

You scratching your chin or shrugging

27 – House to Home Series – Get cozy

You cozied up on the couch, you throwing a blanket on the couch

28 – What is virtual staging?

Over the shoulder of you looking at a virtually staged listing on computer

29 – Creating a five-star feel in your master bath

You in a nice master bath

30 – What I’m Known For

You smiling, talking on the phone