90 Days to Homeowner Challenge


In 2020, we provided members with a marketing campaign for the last 90 days of 2020: The 90 Days to Homeowner Challenge.

The goal of the challenge is not necessarily to buy a home in exactly 90 days, but encourage leads to learn the process and create their buying game plan in 90 days — so they could buy a home before the end of the year, or have a strategy for buying a home next year.

What about the sellers?

The 90 Day Challenge is targeted towards first-time home buyers because the buying process can feel intimidating, and is a big New Year Resolution item. Don’t worry though, we’ll be targetting those sellers, too! We have a post for sellers on October 3rd of the content calendar if you’d prefer to target only sellers. In December, we’ll be launching a new campaign targetting seller leads and in the spirit of “new year, new home.”


Watch the video below.

or click here to view the Canva presentation

How it Works


Download the 90 Day Guide and customize


Decide which social media posts you’d like to use, the 2020 version (13 social media posts or video scripts for each week until 2022) or the 2021 version (one post per month).


Customize your social media posts and schedule.


(Optional) Create a Facebook Group titled “First Time Home Buyers in [your City]” for members of the challenge to join.


Set up your landing page, where your audience will enter their email to download the 90 Day Guide.

Watch video above for instructions.


Set up your email automation.