This is your reminder…

You don’t need fancy equipment or professional tools to create high quality Instagram Reels. It’s true! Each of these ideas are easy to create and implement into your real estate marketing mix. Let’s jump into 10 Reel ideas for agents.

Customize a lead magnet

Set your tripod up over your shoulder & scroll through your website, listing photos, or show you customizing a lead magnet (like a buyer or seller guide).

Market Update

Film yourself unlocking a front door or lockbox – type out things to look for during a showing or use this as a more attention grabbing way to do a market update.

Morning Routine

Show behind the scenes of you making coffee, your bed, prepping to leave the house – talk about your morning routine as a business owner or how you plan out your days as a real estate agent.

Local Spotlight

Record yourself walking down a well known street in your city. Share fun things happening this weekend, why you love where you live, or a weekend itinerary in your city.

Sign Riders

Record yourself loading your for sale signs into your car or putting a listing sign in the ground – talk about a coming soon or tell a story about a recent closing.

Real Estate Hurdle

Record yourself talking on the phone or texting – Add a voiceover and talk about a real estate hurdle you recently helped your clients overcome or an exciting call you got to make to a client.

Average Sales Price

Film yourself sitting at your desk, drinking coffee – Add text within the Reels platform and list the average sale prices in your city or surrounding suburbs. Add the question: “Who wants a list of active homes for sale?”

Closing Gift Basket

Film yourself putting together a closing gift basket or a pop-by. This shows your audience what it’s like to be your client and the level of service you provide!

Listing Prep

Record yourself opening a curtain, fixing a pillow, decluttering. Talk about prepping a home for sale. Use this as an opportunity to promote a lead magnet. (Grab the Sellers Guide in the Coffee & Contracts Vault).

Behind the Scenes

Record a clip of yourself typing up an offer in your car, or working and eating lunch from your car. Show behind the scenes of a real estate agent’s life. Add text that lists what you’re looking forward to this week.

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