We like to look at ChatGPT as our friendly marketing assistant. With some guidance, ChatGPT can be your best friend in terms of content ideas and inspiration. After much trial and error, and fine tuning our approach, we are excited to share some ready to use ChatGPT prompts for real estate agents. Let’s dive in!

Can you help me with an Instagram Carousel Post?

l am a 27 year old female real estate agent in St. Pete, Florida.

Tone of Voice:
My tone of voice is conversational, fun and friendly. I like the audience to feel like I’m telling them a story.

Format & Style:
I want to create a carousel post. The title slide should have a curiosity-provoking hook that creates a sense of urgency or necessity in the audience. I want them to feel as if they’re on the brink of missing out on some exclusive or valuable information. Then each slide should continue to keep them interested and swiping, with a strong header and value-packed information underneath. The call-to-action is my Free Summer Guide to St. Pete. My goal is that they want to download this guide for more information about St. Pete.

The Topic:
Your Summer Bucket List in St. Pete

Now, can you help me write a strong hook?

I’m looking to create an attention-grabbing hook that will create a sense of urgency about my content. I want my audience to stop scrolling through Instagram and spend time on my post because the hook caught their attention.

Tone of Voice:
The tone of voice I like to use is conversational, friendly, and relatable. I don’t want it to seem too much like a headline, because that seems robotic and not personal. Write it in sentence format.

No more than 20 words in the hook. Please provide 5 options with a shocking statement, 5 options with an anecdote, 5 options with a question, and 5 options with a challenge.

Target Audience:
Locals in St. Pete, Florida who own a home or are interested in buying a home.

To grab the audience’s attention, provide value, and build trust.

Post topic:
How to Prepare Your Home for Showings: Tips for Making a Great First Impression.

Next, can you help me write a blog post?

I need help crafting a comprehensive, SEO-friendly blog post about navigating the real estate market for first-time home buyers. The blog post should engage readers, provide them with valuable information, and position the real estate agent as a reliable expert.

Tone of Voice:
The tone should be friendly, professional, and empathetic, giving reassurance to the reader that they’ve found a trustworthy source of information.

Please provide a detailed structure for the blog post that includes the following sections:

  1. An intriguing title
  2. A captivating introductory paragraph
  3. Subheadings for each main point
  4. Engaging content under each subheading
  5. A conclusion that summarizes the key points and directs readers to take the next steps

Title: No more than 60 characters.
Introductory paragraph: Between 60-100 words.
Content under each subheading: 200-300 words.
Conclusion: 100-150 words.

Please provide 5 different structures each with a surprising statistic, a real-life example, a provocative question, and a bold claim.

Blog Topic:
“Essential Steps for First-Time Home Buyers: Successfully Navigating the Real Estate Market”

The goal is to provide first-time home buyers with a roadmap to navigate the real estate market successfully. This should not only increase the time readers spend on the page, leading to improved SEO performance, but also establish trust and encourage readers to consider using the agent’s services for their real estate needs.

There you have it! 3 killer ChatGPT prompts for real estate agents.

What other ChatGPT prompts for real estate agents would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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