“A post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag.” -Later.com

We get asked frequently about what hashtags to use as a real estate agent. Here’s our advice:

  • Use more low-density hashtags than high-density hashtags

When you use high-density hashtags, your post will be buried by the millions of other posts with this hashtag. When you use low-density hashtags, you have a much higher chance of showing up at the top.

We recommend using these types of low-density hashtags:

  • Community/local hashtags: This is the most important hashtag type to use, make these most of your hashtags. 

    Using these types of hashtags will allow you to be discovered by potential buyers and sellers in your area. Many agents get leads who message them, “I found you under the hashtag #TampaRealtor and #TampaRealEstate”

    #yourtownrealestate #yourtownhomes #yourtownrealty #yourtownbroker #movetoyourtown #relocatetoyourtown #yourtownrealtor #yourtownlocal #yourtownlife #iloveyourtown #yourtownyourstate #yourtownhomesforsale #yourtownhouses #yourtownneighborhoods
  • Industry hashtags: You’ll want to make this the second most important hashtag type. Referrals from other real estate agents is a lead, too! Don’t sleep on connecting and networking with other agents or real estate professionals from all over. 

    #realestateagentsofig #realtorsofinstagram #realestatelife #realtorstyle #coffeeandcontracts #realestatemoms #realestatedads #realestateagents #iloverealestate #realtorlife 
  • Content hashtags: The third most important hashtag type. Be discovered by people looking for what you’re post is about. Even if this person is not a local buyer/seller, they may reach out and ask you to find them an agent in their area. 

    #realestatetips #firsttimehomebuyer #buyingahome #buyyourfirsthome #sellyourhome #sellingtips #realestateideas #realtortips #sellingahouse

Should I comment hashtags or put them in the caption?

We recommend putting them in the caption. If you comment too late, your hashtags may not be as effective. It’s safer to put your captions at the very end of your caption using line breaks to make your caption look clean. 

Practice trial and error. Pay attention to the results you’re getting from the hashtags you use, and continue to use the ones that are working for you. If you notice a certain post has more engagement, check out the hashtags and see if you’re at the top of the page for each hashtag. If it’s working for you, keep using it.