November marketing ideas for real estate agents

Could we really be coming close to the finish line of another year? Welcome November! As you prepare for Thanksgiving and the holiday cheer, we’re sharing a few November marketing ideas to put into play this month. (ICYMI: all of the templates referenced below are available to Coffee & Contracts Members). And now, follow along below for November marketing ideas for Real Estate Agents…

Rising interest rates, and what to do about them…

The Fed is doing what they do to stave off inflation. Unfortunately, that’s having a direct effect on the real estate market. Some ideas to address the topic with your audience:

Write a caption, email or video script about rising interest rates. Members, use the caption and template from Nov 9 to get started. Some other topics to discuss:

Less buyer competition, more seller concessions, refinancing in the future, more inventory, prices reducing

Black Friday but make it real estate…

Use Black Friday to talk about how sellers could be “running a Black Friday sale” on their home. Detail ways that working with an agent can net you the most money, or pitfalls of selling FSBO.

You could also share your favorite Black Friday finds, sales, and places to shop locally.

Highlight your favorite boutiques and feature items they’re selling!

Inform your audience about Mortgage Rate Buydowns

With rising interest rates, buyers are wondering what their options look like.

Answer the question “What is a mortgage rate buy down?” Consider collaborating with a lender on this post.

Coffee & Contracts Members: use our content calendar templates on buydowns for inspiration and more information.

Holiday Gift Guides

Create a post, a reel, or a series of posts with holiday gift guides.

This could include stocking stuffers, gifts for moms, spouses, little ones or…

For the new homeowner, for the home seller, for the renter, for the real estate agent, etc.

Another unique idea: See what your local pet shelter needs this holiday season and set up a donation drive or supplies pick up.

Celebrate Giving Tuesdays by encouraging donations!

Share tips for decluttering before the holidays and where to donate locally on Giving Tuesday.

Be sure to share what items the organizations accept and how to donate.

Reach out to local volunteer organizations like pet shelters or homeless shelters to see what items are needed this holiday season.


Thanksgiving is a great time to share what you’re thankful for and ask your audience to share what they are thankful for too.

Share a photo of you and your family and simply wish everyone a great Thanksgiving!

Coffee & Contracts Members: Have some fun on Instagram Stories and do a Turkey day themed This or That, or a pie giveaway! Access these templates withiny our membership.

What do you think? Let us know below if you tried any of these November marketing ideas for real estate agents this month! What did you learn? What did your audience enjoy?

ICYMI: (All of the templates referenced in the post are available to Coffee & Contracts Members). If you’re interested in taking your real estate marketing to the next level, join the Coffee & Contracts membership.

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