instagram reel trends for realtors

Instagram Reels are fun, entertaining videos that users create to express their brand. They help brands get discovered, educate their audience, and share the love of their business. Realtors and real estate agents have found Instagram Reels to be an indispensable marketing tool that doesn’t feel like work.

One of the best parts is that reels allow real estate agents to showcase more than their property listings. Agents can focus on a niche, such as luxury homes or first-time buyers, or concentrate their posts in their local market. Instagram Reels also allow agents to brand themselves and their business through traditional posts and Reel trends. Explore more about the five top Instagram Reel trends for real estate agents.

All About the Real Estate Business

Agents can share aspects of their business through social media, such as an “Instagram versus Reality” reel. Realtors do this by sharing a time-lapse video of a home from start to finish during a photo shoot — anything that showcases what goes on behind the scenes in real estate. Reels can include home tours, a day in the life of an agent, or before and afters of property listings and sales.

Real Estate Agent Introductions

Potential buyers and sellers may feel more comfortable listing with an agent if they feel as if they know them better. Agents can share fun facts about themselves or why they decided to pursue this career. Instagram Reels allow viewers to meet the agent’s team or family and also help create a human connection. If agents focus on a specific niche, they can use Instagram Reels to further promote it by showcasing properties in that category.

Buying and Selling Tips and Tricks

Many people buying or selling a home could benefit from real estate tips and tricks, such as buyer tips, seller tips, staging tips, or do-it-yourself tips. Real estate agents can also showcase home hacks, such as removing minor scratches from the furniture with toothpaste or using a hairdryer to remove crayon drawings from walls.

How-to Ideas

Agents can describe saving for a down payment on a home or how to start the home buying process. Perhaps an Instagram Reel on how to apply for and qualify for a mortgage, increase your credit score, or hire a real estate agent is needed. Any home buying and selling topic can be a potential how-to Instagram Reel.


Potential buyers and sellers would love to view Instagram Reels of property listings, sharing the gorgeous views, spacious square footage, or beautiful architecture of homes. Agents can also provide the following: 

  • Tours of the neighborhood surrounding listed properties.
  • A look at parks, schools, shopping centers, and other amenities. 
  • The agent’s office, lets viewers see where the individual works, in an effort to build personal connections with the audience.

Any of these Instagram Reels for Realtors trends are timeless. Agents can also jump on a trend by searching other Instagram Reels or social media platforms such as TikTok for trending effects, songs, and transitions. Instagram Reels allow agents to have fun while promoting their business, and the more real they make their feed look and feel, the more they’ll enjoy a return on the investment of making Instagram Reels.