Your Instagram profile is like your mini website. It is often the first look a client has of your business. What is the impression a newcomer will have when they land on your page?In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into setting up your Instagram profile for success.

Let’s dig in!

First up: User & Display Name

First, let’s talk about your User and Display Name. Your username and display name are searchable – so make sure to include these three keywords in either your username or display name:

    • Your name
    • Where you live (city, county, state)
    • What you do

Next: Profile Photo

Next, let’s talk about your profile photo. This should be a photo of you. Not a logo, unless you are a brokerage or team. The photo should be high-quality and clearly show your face.

Now, let’s work on your Bio

Moving aloong, let’s look at your Instagram bio. Your bio is your chance to grab your profile visitor’s attention & convince them to take action – either by following you or clicking the link in your bio.

Note: there is no need to include hashtags in your bio.

Next up: Link in Bio

The main goal of having a link in your bio is to collect the contact information of your leads.

We recommend creating a landing page for potential clients to grab free resources, like a home buying guide.

Finally: Profile Highlights

Finally, since your Instagram is like a mini website, let’s treat the best real estate on your profile like your website pages.

Your highlights should:

    • Be branded
    • Be current & compliment your feed
    • Convert visitors to followers & clients

Some highlight examples:

    • Start here
    • About Me
    • FAQs / Tips
    • Testimonials
    • Active Listings
    • The Home Buying or Selling Process
    • Local Events/ Features
    • Personal Life

“These days, more and more consumers are turning to Instagram instead of Google to search for a brand or business, and your Instagram profile is quickly becoming your new home page.” (Later)

Setting up your Instagram for success is a breeze when you use these tips. Learn more in the C&C Strategy Course included in your Coffee & Contracts membership. Join us!

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